Todd Levine’s Interest for Science, Music, Math, Art Aid in the Courtroom

Todd Levine is a successful and professional litigator. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law with years of working experience. Todd Levine has mentors who guided him when he embarked on his career, and he has a dedication to the job as well.


Despite that, the attorney Todd has impressive skills outside the legal field, which he credits for his current achievements. Since he was about 10 years of age, Todd Levine enjoyed playing guitar making him an avid music artist. The respected litigator has a penchant for science and math, he draws, and he plays some keyboards and bass guitar. Todd Levine’s combination of gifts and creativity allows him to approach his litigation job in a unique way.


Todd is the founding partner and member at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, located in Miami. This litigation-only firm deals with any family law that includes non-litigation and litigation matters. The firm has a Minneapolis and a Boca Raton office.


The founders of the firm are Todd Levine, Bruce Katzen, Philippe Lieberman, Alan Kluger, Michael Perse, Abbey Kaplan, Jason Marks, and Steven Silverman. The 8 ambitious men had worked together at Kluger, Peretz, Kaplan, & Berlin, in the allegation department, a different firm from Kluger Kaplan. They decided to join hands as they had a common vision, which improved their careers for their clients to move forward as a litigator only boutique.


Currently, the firm has grown rapidly with over 30 attorneys considering the fact that it began with only 17. Its outstanding success makes the firm’s caliber of cases to grow as well. For example, the firm represented the divorce of Alex Rodriguez, the retired professional baseball player. Todd Levine has represented the baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, in various matters excluding his divorce proceedings and many other prominent people.


This attorney has undeniably attributed the success of Kluger Kaplan to the supportive environment and to the close-knit group of founders.

Sandy Chin Learned Her Skills From A Top Ranking Analyst

Seasoned In Staple Stocks

For more than two decades Sandy Chin had been managing the purchasing and selling of staple stocks. She is now known as a well-seasoned portfolio manager. She started Tidal Bore Capital a couple of years ago, and that gave her the ability to manage portfolios using a bottom-up strategy.


Educational Background

Sandy Chin earned an MBA from New York University. She has a BA in political science from Columbia Universities Barnard College. Bill Leach mentored Chin for ten years and helped her strengthen here analyst skills. Tidal Bore Capital was a hedge fund she jointly started with Bill. They teamed up after sic years of working at separate organizations.


Meeting The Mentor

Sandy Chin met Bill when he hired her on at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. When she joined his team they were dealing with food stocks. She was Bill’s second hire during his 20-plus years as a Senior Analyst at the company. Chin says Bill was very knowledgeable in his field, and he was a top ranking analyst for a long time. Bill would ask Chin to tag along with him to meetings and conferences. Following Bill around allowed Chin to learn first-hand how to value staple stocks. She also learned about questioning management companies, and what to look for during responses. She was learning to pick up on tone, body language, and patterns in answers.


Paying Lessons Forward

Bill informed Sandy Chin that when he started out, he was tagging along with no pen or paper allowed. He was supposed to be focused on the people, listening to what they say and how they relayed the information. Bill joked about running to complete a brain dump right after the meeting before he forgot anything. The skill Bill picked up while studying people helped him when it came to picking stocks. This is an important skill that he has passed on to Sandy Chin.


Influencing Others

Sandy Chin was the only associate in the room back in 1998 when she joined Bill. One analyst told her that he doesn’t let his associate attend meetings, or leave his desk. He was advised that the company’s idea of an associate was one who sat at the computer and just worked on models. That was not effective for associates, lacking the interaction with management companies, the associate couldn’t properly model the companies. After a while, other analysts brought their associates to meetings and presentations. Those analysts were learning from Bill also. They saw that he was invested in his associate, and it strengthened their teams as well as improved their modeling and stock picking.


Mushroom Stigmas and the Benefits of Organo Gold

Mushrooms often have a negative stigma attached to them when compared to other supplements in the health and supplement industries. Often times the first thing that comes to mind can be the words “magic mushrooms”, and nobody really wants to attach themselves to that type of seemingly fringe and psychedelic thing. However quite to the contrary, most mushrooms are not psychadelic at all and have been used by ancient doctors and healers for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

One of the most common type of mushroom used by ancient doctors has been the Reishi mushroom, and people are finally starting to catch onto it in these modern times. Reishi is red and brown in color typically, and when eaten results in a feeling a calm, lowered stress, and relaxation which allows us to get work done more efficiently. Reishi mushrooms have been such a benefit that one man actually created an entire business based on these healthy plants. His name is Bernardo Chua (from Canada), and his growing business named “Organo Gold” sells Reish-infused coffee around the world through a word-of-mouth business model.

Many people over the world have been cued into the benefits of mushrooms. Organo Gold also produces teas infused with the Reishi mushroom, and nutraceuticals as well. Organo Gold has been growing to the point where they are finally expanding into the birthplace of coffee itself: Turkey. Organo Gold has utilized the network marketing “word of mouth” business model in order to grow a company in a grass roots type of way.

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New Challenges for US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos has had some significant challenges as the 11th US Secretary of Education, but that hasn’t stopped her from conducting interview after interview and staying the course of what she believes will help America’s students. The education reformer has always been an activist and was once the Michigan Republican Party Chairperson. She started serving as the secretary of the US Department of Education in February 2017 after being appointed by President Trump.


What does Betsy offer that is different than other education leaders? For one, she is keenly aware of the issues affecting students trying to go to school today in the American education system. She is also close to education reform and knows about the issues facing schools as they try to balance between standardized testing and Common Core education.


Devos has gone through extensive efforts to promote educational choice programs. She has been successful in a number of states, but in a most recent interview with “60 Minutes,” she said that Florida was the most successful. This is due to the amount of educational choice programs offered in the state, as well as a tuition-based scholarship program. While Louisiana is also successful, Devos has been working with other states to bring them on board.


However, she has been met with controversy and criticism. Devos has been criticized of trying to use public funding to support private education. However, Devos says that isn’t true. She states that philanthropy has supported education reform this far. She has some incredible donors on her list, as well. This includes Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. However, her own foundation has donated over $134 million to different causes, including education.


Recently, she has been working to change policies regarding school safety and gun violence. She was appointed to lead the school safety movement by President Trump in 2018 after a number of school shootings left the country devastated. This change marked the summer of 2018 for schools across the United States as new policies and changes were made to ensure the safety of America’s students.


In addition, she has been trying to help students who need federal student aid to go to school, including a new mobile app that helps them sign up for FSA. This has been helpful in getting students on track to go to college, and it’s one of the great achievements in education reform to have something so advanced for students to use.


Betsy Devos will continue to make her mark on America, but it’s clear that she will not receive any help in doing so. That’s fine. Betsy has always gone her own way!


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Shervin Pishevar foresees major pain for under-financed cities

Shervin Pishevar is now established as one of the foremost financial experts in the country. He is the founder and CEO of Investment company, one of the most successful venture capital firms in the technology space. Investment company has funded many startups, including Airbnb, Uber and Virgin Hyperloop. As an entrepreneur on his own, Shervin Pishevar has also founded such big-name tech companies as Ionside, WebOS and Social Gaming Network.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar took to his widely followed Twitter account to talk about some of the more serious challenges facing the nation. One of the issues that he addressed is the coming pain that will likely be inflicted on cities like Chicago, Hartford, Stockton, Baltimore, Newark and others that have been imperiled by shaky finances and bloated pension obligations.

In particular, Shervin Pishevar says that the zero interest rate policies of the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with its quantitative easing programs, have conspired to suppress bond yields to levels not seen in virtually all of history. This, says Shervin Pishevar, causes two main problems.

The first problem is that these municipalities usually rely heavily on the low-risk revenues and capital appreciation delivered by bonds. However, because bond yields have been so low, this source of revenue has lost its effectiveness. Most municipalities have factored in long-term rates of return on their portfolios of around 7 percent. But this is completely impossible to achieve in markets where real interest rates have actually gone negative. For this reason, these municipalities have dived, headfirst, into risk assets, mainly equities. But the open-market operations of the Fed themselves have caused a great runup in equity prices. This means that the stock market could experience a huge crash and, according to Shervin Pishevar, is certainly overbought at present. All of this means that municipalities are extremely unlikely to meet their 7 percent target rates. And they could end up experiencing losses. Such an outcome would precipitate the bankruptcies of many cities throughout the country.

Additionally, the cheap credit has prompted many of these cities to finance their short-term operations using debt. But this exposes them to huge refinancing risk. Pishevar says these combined factors could spell doom for cities everywhere.

Flavio Maluf Reports of thethe Brazilian agribusiness for the month of June

On July 13, the result of the month of June for exports of Brazilian agribusiness was announced by the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. The figures showed a decrease of 0.7% compared to the same month last year, reports the president of the companies Eucatex, the businessman and executive Flavio Maluf.

In June 2018, exports to the United States reached $8.17 billion. In June 2017, the sector’s exports to the U.S. totaled $9.21 billion. The agricultural sector encompasses 45.6% of the country’s total foreign sales in the month, this year. Regarding imports in the sector, they reached US $ 1.04 billion in June 2018 – a number that also decreased by 10.1% from the same period last year. Visit to learn more

The total of exported agribusiness was segmented into soy, forest products, meat, sugar-alcohol complex and coffee. Soy represented more than half of the sector’s exports in the month – it reached 53.5%. The four other segments already mentioned also have a significant share in agro exports.

The destinations of the agribusiness exports are high in the Asian region where they took possession of soybeans and cellulose. The European Union is the next export destination for the Brazilian agribusiness, with requested for soybean meal, pulp, orange juice and green coffee.

Flavio Maluf presents figures based on the latest survey done by the Conab (CompanhiaBrasileira de Abastecimento) regarding the 2017/2018 crop, that there is a favorable Agribusiness Trade Balance. Soybean production is expected to reach 119 million tons, up 4.2% on the previous crop. Conab is also projecting that Brazil’s total export for soybeans this year will reach 72 million tons. This would exceed the volume of the previous period by 5.6%.

Flavio Maluf stresses that Brazil has shipped 46.27 million tons of the grain, generating revenues of $18.43 billion. This is an increase 5.2% in quantity and 10.6% in the exported value, in the first half of the calendar year.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil has three main responsibilities: the management of public policies to increase agriculture in Brazil; the encouragement of agribusiness; and the regulation of services regarding the agriculture business in Brazil. Flavio Maluf indicates that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply ministry also coordinates the policies of the 28 Sector Chambers and the eight Thematic Chambers that are concerned the productive sectors of Brazilian agribusiness.

In summary, purpose of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to encourage the food production for both the country and for extra food that can be exported to the international market for profit.

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Bernardo Chua: Committed to Changing the Coffee Industry

Bernardo Chua is a special name in the hearts of the people who love coffee. For many years now, this medical professional has been focusing on introducing a change in the type of coffee that will impress people and at the same time bring a change in the lives of people who are sick. Bernardo had a dream to change the world and make it the best place for all people, and he knew that nothing was going to make more change when compared to high quality coffee. Decades later, the businessman can only look back and say that his coffee brand is the best, and it is impacting many lives, especially among people who love coffee products that have more benefits to the body. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

When Chua was a young man, he was interacting with his grandfather a lot. Because the family was from China, they were fortunate to have exposure to many kinds of herbs that are used to treat all diseases. Chinese have been treating their diseases using these herbs for many years, and they knew that having these products in coffee would make more consumers healthy. When Bernardo Chua founded his company, Organo Gold, the first product he specialized in was coffee with special Chinese herbs. The coffee brand was to be sold to consumers from all over the globe, using independent business associates.

Direct selling is a method that has been embraced by many companies in the modern times. Bernardo felt that using this formula for his new company was ideal, and it would mean that more people would access his products in the easiest way. This was also a great way of creating employment opportunities to the people who did not want to work from morning to evening in the office. Bernardo Chua is always happy that he has brought a new revolution in the coffee industry.

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Dr. Saad Saad Explains How to Handle Cases of Stuck Objects in Children’s Windpipes and Food Pipes

Dr. Saad Saad has practiced pediatric surgery for forty years removing foreign substances from the trachea (windpipe) and esophagus (food pipe). He has removed stuck food and other objects from over 1000 children stuck in the trachea and esophagus. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Saad admits that children as young as six months old choke on stuck objects by picking and swallowing them. He adds that luckily enough, the object might pass straight to the stomach without any issues.

However, complications arise when the objects pass through the windpipe or are stuck in the food pipe. Wheezing and trouble in breathing and swallowing are some common signs of a stuck object in the child’s trachea or food pipe.

Some of the things that are easily stuck when swallowed by a child include hot dogs, coins, peanuts, beads, and larger buttons. The smaller objects like beads and peanuts are commonly stuck in the windpipe while the larger ones like hot dogs and coins are stuck in the food pipe.

Dr. Saad Saad advises on the various ways to handle offer first aid to the victims of swallowing objects. For children younger than six years, turn the child upside down while holding the child by the legs.

Still holding them, lightly tap on the back and in most cases, the object will pop out through the mouth of the child. In children older than six years, performing the Heimlich maneuver help the child cough out the object.

This activity involves thrusting your hands in the abdomen while standing behind the child and wrapping your hands around the child’s waist. Thrusting the abdomen will prompt coughing.

However, Dr. Saad Saad insists that one should never try to scoop stuck objects because that might force the object the object further down or increase blockage. If first Aid does not work, take the child to the hospital for an Xray will to display if the object is stuck in the windpipe or food pipe. An X-ray cannot detect stuck peanuts, but coins are visible.

In the case of a peanut, the doctor performs esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy to the patient. The procedure involves the use of the endoscopes, devices used to look into the windpipes or food pipes of patients. Dr. Saad Saad has made a legacy that has earned him a great name and tremendous respect. We need more of such figures in all departments. Thanks to Dr. Saad Saad.

Organo Gold Is A Company That Is Leaving People With A Good Taste In Their Mouth:

During the 2008 calendar year, entrepreneur Bernardo Chua founded a brand that has quickly become a beloved and recognized name in the world of coffee, tea and nutraceuticals. This company is Organo Gold and it is a company that sells a very famous flagship brand of coffee along with health drinks, teas, hot chocolates and other products that are infused with a beneficial fungus called Ganoderma. This is one thing that sets Organo Gold products apart and makes them unique. Another thing that makes the Organo Gold products truly unique is the company’s approach to marketing and distributing these fantastic options. Organo Gold distributes all of its product through a unique concept in network marketing. The company’s independent distributors are able to get a great deal on the products at a wholesale price and then sell them on to their own base of customers, all for a nice profit on their part.


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ORGANO is now open in South Africa! #WeAreOrgano #SouthAfrica #TasteTheGold

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Organo Gold is led by its visionary CEO Bernardo Chua. He originally hails from the Philippines and has a long and distinguished career in the field of network marketing. He has taken this experience and past success and focused it into creating a dynamic company is Organo Gold. The firm currently stands as one of the largest distributors of products such as tea and instant coffee.

Organo Gold and its team are proud to be the people behind such a unique coffee product. Coffee has a long and distinguished history in human society and Organo Gold works hard to produce a product that is a testament to that tradition. The company maintains the highest of standards in the product of its coffee and other products. To maintain this standard, Organo Gold utilizes its own scientific board to help and maintain quality standards. This has led to an impressive commitment to quality at the company.

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Wes Edens, the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and the leading private Equity expert residing in the United States of America

Wes Edens, who is also referred to as Wesley Edens is the co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. Edens is one of the most prominent worldwide investment managers the world has today. Wes Edens has been serving at the Fortress Group for years. The co-principals efforts have been evident as Fortress has in the years been bulging up recording success. The other co-principals have also been on the front line primarily focusing on diversifying the firm’s service portfolio.

It’s the wish of all Fortress co-principals for the company to be a significant and reliable Financial Investment firm in the 21st Century. The firm should be at the forefront offering quality financial and asset management services. So far, Wes Edens together with his colleagues has modelled the firm to be precisely what they want.

Wes Edens has been a part of Fortress’s success. Currently, the group has assisted several high net worth individuals as well as institutions to select them as the number one stop junction for all issues involving financial management and investment services.

According to reports, the fortress investment group has a revenue of a billion dollar. The organisation’s net income crosses the $200 million mark. Indeed Fortress Investment Group is one of the most Significant investment management organisations in the world.

Today, Fortress Investment Group is managing over 65 billion dollars in its credit, alternative assets, funds and liquid hedge funds.

Wesley Edens is also a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is also a proud co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks Basketball team. Edens co-owns Milwaukee with Marc Lasry.

Wes is also the owner of the league of legends team known as FLY Quest. Edens experience in the field has made him a respected professional. He acquired all this financial experience from the two companies that he served. He worked at Lehman and Blackrock’s companies. His LinkedIn Profile.

Academically, Wes Edens deserves all the qualifications. He joined Oregon University, where he pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s of Science in finance and Business administration. Edens is recognised as a cheerful,hardworking and a very straightforward person. All employees at Fortress admire his professionalism.