Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere was recently featured on Inspirey where she discussed her brand of makeup. Her brand is called Lime Crime and has absolutely skyrocketed to success over the past several years. It has gone from a fringe brand that sold wild colors, to a household name and one of the most popular brands on the market today. Doe Deere is passionate about two things: fairy tales and makeup. She combined her two passions when she selected the name Lime Crime. She chose the name because she has always liked the way that things seem to rhyme in fairy tales, even if sometimes there is no reason for it.


In the article she described how Lime Crime came into existence in 2008. Doe Deere has always made her own clothing. She told the tale of when she was a little girl playing with her friends. She says that she felt the game wouldn’t be complete without outfits. So, she crafted clothes out of her fabric and painted all of her friends’ faces with bright, bold makeup. These two things (fashion design and makeup) have always been her two major passions.


Doe Deere was in school of fashion design when she started doing makeup tutorials. She realized that although she loved fashion, designing makeup was her true life’s passion. She had already registered the domain name for Lime Crime as a fashion brand, so she quickly switched it over to a makeup website and got right to work in selling her beauty products.


From the beginning she wanted Lime Crime to be a brand that was completely friendly to vegans and was completely free of any cruelty to animals. One of the questions in the article asked Doe Deere what was the hardest obstacle she had faced in her career as an entrepreneur. She stated that her biggest challenge was actually recently. She had to choose a new lab to work with to create the products. She wanted to ensure that she was partnering with a lab that had a team of chemists who were not only amazing at their jobs, but that shared her vision. She wanted to make sure that they shared not only the vision for her brand, but her mission to make sure her products were always safe for vegans and never tested on animals. While she did finally choose a lab to partner with, she says that it did take a long time and was a highly trying process.


Doe Deere’s biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs was to always listen to customer feedback. She says that this is one of her top priorities when creating a new product. She encourages Lime Crime customers to share photos of them wearing the actual products. She even has a section of her website that is devoted to showcasing actual customer images. She listens to reviews online, including through social media channels and product reviews on her website. In fact, the Lime Crime philosophy is that if the team isn’t passionate about it, they simply won’t sell it.


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