Rodrigo Terpins, Highlight of The Category By Finishing Fifth Place

With finishing fifth in the overall standings of the Sertões Rally, 24-year edition, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Terpins were the highlights of this category and the talk of the event. The two Brazilian rally racers witnessed a challenging stage with many tiring stretches, yet they accomplished both a quick pace and were awarded an excellent end-result. On just the second day with a lot more to go, Rodrigo Terpins was in the lead although he had to drive between mountains and other rough terrains. More details visit

The expert rally racers were driving the T-Rex which was built and designed by the MEM group, which was used for the seventh time by Michel and Rodrigo Terpins in this Rally. While the first two wins gave the racers, a sense of achievement and confidence, the third race, consisted of dangerous roads with erosions and depressions. Coupled with adrenaline and heightened emotions, the drivers manage to attain desirable results. T-Rex their vehicle had been branded as a Carbon Free vehicle and was sporting this seal, this implied that any fumes emitted by the car during the seven stages would be compensated for, through the plantation of trees in regions such as the Atlantic Jungle. Check out Terra to see more.

The 24-year edition was shorter as compared to the previous editions, this year they cut through only 2 locations, Minas Gerais and Goais. The 24-year edition of the Sertões Rally worked out in favor of Rodrigo Terpins and his brother as they also attained the win in the third position for the T1 Prototypes category. Rodrigo Terpins stated that the results were more excellent than the expectations and the # 326 vehicle that was driven by them coupled with an excellent team, helped them achieve the positive results. He also stated that while the competition was fierce and the terrain wasn’t easy to drive on, the entire event was both enjoyable and memorable. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother as well as the team were glad to participate in this rally and stated that because of the shorter duration of the event, it was possible for them to resume their personal life and professional commitments quickly.

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