Adam Milstein- Investing in the future of the Jews

The Jews are concerned about their welfare since they are some of the most “hated” people in the world. How is that possible? For hundreds of years, Jews have faced discrimination in the form of antisemitism. The hate against Jews has been used as a tool by radical groups that are anti-Israel to seek revenge for losing the battle for independence to the Jews. Radical Islamist form the largest group that oppose the independence of the Jews. These groups aim to see the Jews eliminated from the Middle East. However, their efforts have been defeated by the strength of the Jews.

Impacting the future

Jews have invested in maintaining their strength. They understand that the enemies are looking for an opportunity to attack the community. The Jews have put measures in place to deal with challenges facing the community. According to Adam Milstein, a pro-Israeli activist, the Jewish family is the foundation of the Jewish strength. It is at the family level where young people can be taught to be proud of their identity. The fate of the community depends on the efforts of the current generation to impact the future generation. Investing in strong family values, education, and cultural heritage are some of the measures that will keep the Jews in a position to resist the enemy’s efforts.

Adam Milstein believes that children need to grow up proud of their Jewish identity. They form the future generation of Jews that will support and protect the community from the enemies.

About Adam Milstein

Among the most vocal Jewish community leaders is Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American living in Los Angeles. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, which he also serves as the national chairman. His vision is to see a strong Jewish nation that can resist the challenges of the past decade. Adam Milstein is also behind another philanthropic organization called Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This family foundation was established with the assistance of Gila Milstein, the wife. This organization has supported tens of pro-Israeli groups.

Milstein runs a commercial real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties.

The Career Of Kevin Seawright

He is one of the chief financial and among the best Executive vice president of one of the companies called the Newark Economic Development Corporation. He works for this company that is situated in the New York City where he is among the most outstanding people in this firm. The tremendous thing that Kevin Seawright did is that he has helped a lot to deal with the issue of real estate.

One of the cities called the Baltimore had some of the issues that they did not understand when it came to the field or real estate, and they were very determined when looking for people who could help them to deal with the issue of the mortgage. The company was lucky enough because they found Kevin Seawright who has been a longtime financial leader and he has a significant influence on the company because they are changing their outcomes to better results. Visit for more info.

The main activities that they do are to help some of the people that may be denied help by large financial institutions like the banks and also the real estate organization. For hem what they help them is to find some of the affordable housing where they can be able to boost their finances and save. One thing that drives Kevin Seawright is that he is determined to see people moving from dangerous places to the better neighborhood through the help of the Baltimore. He has better skills and experience that comes from the accountants and also the knowledge on matters dealing with the financial director.

He has worked very well with some of the privately owned companies that he has helped them to boost their financial standards. He began to work at the city parks and the recreation unit where his primary role was to manage some of the public funds. He is one of the people who achieved a lot while he was working in this department because at this time he was able to improve the conditions of some of these parks here. He monitored some of the funds that were being used by the public school within this city.

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Kevin Seawright: A Man with A Real Estate Plan

Kevin Seawright is the founder of Real Property Solutions LLC. He is also the Chief Operating Officer(CEO) and partner of the company. Kevin Seawright earned a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Almeda University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business. He began his career in the city of Baltimore, Maryland as the Managing Fiscal Officer for the City of Baltimore. He has held a few positions with the City of Baltimore. These positions included: the Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Recreation and Parks and Finance Director for the Department of Housing. He began work in the private sector in 2011. He took a position with Tito Contractors, a construction company in the Washington D.C. area. He returned to public service shortly after this. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

Kevin Seawright ventured out on his own and founded his company Real Property Solutions LLC, where he runs the day to day operations. The purpose of this business, according to Mr. Seawright is to renovate or build residential properties in the Baltimore area. Their mission is “to provide affordable housing to the residents of Baltimore” and grow the number of homeowners in Baltimore and its surrounding counties to match or exceed the number of homeowners in the state of Maryland. The company is striving to create stable neighborhoods by increasing home buying opportunities, especially for first time buyers. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

In 2017, Real Property Solutions partnered with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). NCST is a non-profit organization that transforms abandoned and vacant properties into habitable living spaces. They have renovated and sold over 23,000 homes to willing homebuyers. Together they developed a program “to further stabilize and revitalize” communities with low to moderate incomes. Their mission is to create more racial diversity within communities. They have the belief that home ownership and community should thrive as one.

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