Francisco Domenech of Politank Reiterates the Value of Honesty at Work

Honesty is a virtue. But all too often, people underestimate politician’s ability to be honest. In fact, it has always been concluded that all politicians are dishonest. According to Francisco Domenech, this is not true because as a politician, he has always been honest not only at his work place but even when dealing with acquaintances. In an interview with IdeaMensch, he says that honesty is a crucial virtue that should be upheld by many especially the ones in politics. Read more about Francisco Domenech at


Francisco Domenech is a managing partner serving at Politank. This is a government affairs firm that focuses in the development of strategies instigated to represent people’s interests in government forums. He plays a crucial role in democratic politics as well. For education, Francisco Domenech attended the University of Puerto Rico and received a degree in political science. He also attained a Juris Doctor from the same Law School. Over the years he has been involved in democratic campaigns where he oversaw voter registration, policy development, campaign management, and fundraising.


Between 2003 and 2004, he worked as a volunteer for Governor Pedro Rossello during his gubernatorial campaign. Francisco Domenech was in charge of the platform as well as opposition research activities and field organizing. Between then and 2012, he oversaw different voter registration activities with the intention of successfully overseeing the campaign process in Puerto Rico. In his tenure, he worked in various presidential legislative campaigns not only in Texas but also Puerto Rico. Apart from that, he worked as the director in charge of legislative services in Puerto Rico. This department handles legal research and translation services among others.

Additional Roles

In 2016, Domenech supported Hillary Clinton in her quest for presidency. In 2008, he was a co-chair person in Clinton’s presidential campaign. Other crucial roles he has played as a leader include serving as the deputy state coordinator for Clinton.

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Banking Institution Compliance Regulations Discussed By Bruno Fagali

The Brazilian economy has recently been attempting to create a more transparent and regulated banking system featuring compliance rules for those operating under the supervision of the Central Bank of Brazil. Legal and marketing expert, Bruno Fagali has recently been giving his view on what the new compliance regulations will mean for banking institutions developing their own compliance regulations to bring them into line with the requirements of the Central Bank of Brazil. Compliance regulations are designed to halt a series of problems the Central Bank of Brazil believes could be avoided if every institution follows the compliance regulations introduced earlier this year.

Bruno Fagali has been a well-known figure in the marketing and law sectors of Brazil after completing his Master’s Degree in Law; Fagali has been praised as an expert in compliance law after he took up the role of coordinator of the Ethics and Advertising Agencies Commission with the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. An expert in a range of different legal areas, Bruno Fagali has become well-known as an expert in the anti-corruption, legal ethics, and advertising law sectors. Marketing has become an area of interest for Bruno Fagali as he now works as the Corporate Integrity Manager of the Brazilian advertising giant, Nova/SB.

Among the areas of the compliance regulations introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil which have been praised by Bruno Fagali is the need to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all directors and executives within the articles of compliance created by a financial institution. One problem Bruno Fagali hopes will be addressed by the new compliance regulations is the conflict of interests, Bruno Fagali believes have caused issues and stunted the global nature of the Brazilian financial industry. In keeping the documentation required by the Central Bank of Brazil for a minimum of five years, Bruno Fagali believes the role of financial executives will remain clearly defined to avoid many of the issues he has seen in the Brazilian financial industry for a number of years. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein the Business Law Expert

Many companies in the latest years have ceased providing their employees with stock related options. The major problems that influence companies to curtail the above benefits include;

  1. The value of stock sometimes drops significantly that makes it difficult for companies’ employees towards exercising their options.
  2. Many companies have become cautious of this method of payment or rather compensation.
  3. Stock options complicate accounting and burdens become very heavy. Many employees will consider this option as invaluable.


Stock options have got so many advantages that were raised by Jeremy Goldstein.

  1. The compensation is very simple for employees. Very preferable when it comes to employees payments. They feel being considered as part and parcel of the team. These staffs understand the issue of stock options.
  2. They help boost the personal earnings and therefore making employees work towards the achievement of a company. They work hard to increase their stock options.
  3. When businesses provide shares other that options according to Jeremy Goldstein, it becomes extremely difficult to tax-wise. He says that revenue for internal service becomes difficult when supplying employees with equity.

Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein cites certain solutions regarding stock options issuance and compensation.

  1. A company interested in providing stock options to individuals, it can apply for the above benefits as mentioned above.
  2. The best solution is to embrace a barrier called a knockout. It has disadvantages too. It might lose its value when the value of shares falls below specific amounts.
  3. The knockout mechanism can reduce initial accounting costs when the stock is comparatively volatile.

There are also several considerations that should be considered during the employees knockout options. They do not solve all the related problems and it’s therefore important to communicate with the auditors on how they supplied these options to the employees. Another consideration that Jeremy thinks is important is the issue of time. They benefit after waiting for more than 6 months. Otherwise, these replacements may later turn out to have a negative impact on these quarterly financial statements.

Jeremy Goldstein to conclude is a legal advisor with over 20 years of experience as a business lawyer. He has many corporations which he offers legal business advice and has been trusted as one of the best lawyers. He is the founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldenstein & Associates that focus on advising companies on compensations benefits. He is truly conversant with employees’ benefits and compensations.


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Karl Heideck – Senior Attorney In Philadelphia Specializing In Risk Management, Compliance Law, And Corporate Law

Karl Heideck is one of the leading attorneys in the United States, based in Greater Philadelphia area. He has successfully fought numerous cases on corporate law, administrative law, finance law, compliance law, and more in the last few years. He is also considered an expert on product liability, executive compensation issues, risk management, and mergers and acquisitions.

Karl Heideck is an attorney who keeps himself updated with the latest events of law industry, follows all the high profile cases being fought in the country, and keeping track of any legal amendments that are taking place. It is what helps him stay updated and provide accurate and efficient legal counsel to his clients.

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As one of the most prominent lawyers, Heideck is often consulted about what the law aspirant should do to become successful. In one of the recent blogs he wrote, Karl Heideck gave tips to the law students on what they must do to become successful. One of the first tips he gave was that the law students must ensure they get good grades in the law school consistently. Karl Heideck says that getting good grades would ensure they would be selected for internship among the top reputed law firms or by a senior lawyer. Starting your career under a top lawyer or a reputed law firm is a credential that would be checked by the future clientele. Karl Heideck says that it would also provide the students an invaluable experience that would help them forever.

Karl Heideck says it is imperative for attorneys to be able to foster good relations with other fellow law students and legal professionals, starting from the days when they are in college. Karl Heideck says that making a network of well-connected and resourceful people in law industry can go a long way in making a lawyer successful. It can help in ways more than one, and ensure that the lawyers have the resources they need to fight and win cases at their disposable. Karl Heideck has years of experience as a lawyer and he often shares his thoughts and experiences with law students to help them get the guidance they need to get started on the right track towards successful career ahead.