How Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Contributed to Innovacre’s Success

Innovacare Health is a Medicaid and Medicare Advantage company that is committed to providing high quality service to Puerto Rican communities in order to prevent prolonged hospitalization and make sure that those Puerto Ricans most at risk get the services that they need. The leadership team works hard to maintain a value based model of care based on a collaborate network of experts. Each leader offers their insight in order to promote engagement between providers and customers. Both Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have contributed to the medical company’s success and have led to innovative approaches to preventive medicine.


Dr. Rick Shinto, with over 25 years of experience in operating in a managed care model, is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Innovacare Health. Shinto was elected 2017 to the board of directors for America’s Health Insurance Plans and also serves on the board of director’s for America’s Physician Group. The Financial Solvency Standards Board of Directors in California. He is also the author of many managed healthcare articles. His expertise level has helped Innovacare become a doctor led company that strives to improve care, patient satisfaction and health care expenses.  To see more you can checkout


Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare Health. Kokkinides began working in the position 2015 after working for the company as Chief Operating Officer. She also worked at Aveda Inc before taking her current role at the managed care company. She had also played an important role in making Americhoice and UnitedHealth Group what they are today for people across the United States.


Both Shinto and Kikkinides have been valuable in making Innovacare Health follow a model of quality care instead of quantity care. They have been working hard to find solutions to high healthcare costs in Puerto Rico. The leadership team has connected with 7,500 providers across the territory to provide needed services to its citizens. Top organizations have come together to come up with effective payment solutions for families in need of care who can’t afford needed medical services. Innovacare Health currently provides Puerto Ricans with the largest medical service network available, MMM Healthcare, as well as two large Medicaid plans. For more details you can visit





Leading Managed Services Providers Provide Quality Healthcare Services To Thousands Of Beneficiaries

InnovaCare is a popular managed healthcare services provider based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They provide Medicare and Medicaid services to over 246,000+ beneficiaries around the world, but they are seemingly, popular in Puerto Rico and North America. Richard Shinto, President and Executive Officer, says, he leads detailed oriented health care services to ensure the safety and well being of all of his clients. In fact, his colleague, Penelope Kokkindies, Chief Executive Officer, is there to back him every step of the way, putting the need of their beneficiaries first and competing in an ever changing, complex medical field.


Experience the benefits of being able to choose from two major health care plans that are operational under the original Medicare plan. They offer a MMM Healthcare plan and PMC Medicare choice for their beneficiaries. Their goal is to ensure that the needs of their beneficiaries always come first. Shinto, says, creating quality cost effective healthcare plans that benefit the true needs of his customers is their missionary goal. In fact, InnovaCare would like to add additional leadership professionals to bring fresh ideas to the executive board in favor of their beneficiaries. Penelope Kokkindies, will also play a major role in the additional leaders that are added to the InnovaCare team. Check out



It is also important for them to grow as an organization to benefit the needs of their clients and their stockholders. They feel that it is very important to provide quality services to compete with a competitive market. InnovaCare is willing to find a solution to tough challenges to ensure that their beneficiaries get the managed physician services that they need. They also wish to be a model for other managed health care providers that are interested in sustainability. Thus, they have a long list of strong physicians that are on their team. For more details visit



A clear vision is also important to ensure that the goals of their customers are met also. You get broad-oriented coverage through a detailed model. They rely on their decades of experience in the industry to shape their healthcare plans for their beneficiaries. There are over 200,000+ beneficiaries served through over 75,000 providers. InnovaCare is integrated with advanced technology and a commitment to transparency that keeps their customers consistent to their medical plans. You can become a part of the leading innovative InnovaCare managed provider services by visiting their website for more details on beneficiary information today.



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Shiraz Boghani Looks After The Welfare Of The Elderly

The elderly individuals in the world have been neglected for a long time. Such a situation usually puts the society in a precarious position since at one point everyone will end up getting old. Helping the neglected in the community is essential as they are the people who helped to bring up the generation that exists today. The elderly persons are usually faced with a myriad of health conditions due to the deterioration of the metabolic activities within their bodies. Check more on Hotelier Shiraz Boghani Shines At The Asian Business Awards 2016:

Sussex Healthcare was established with the objective of ensuring that the elderly are not left to fend for themselves. Sussex Healthcare has managed to establish different home-care centers where people with mental complications can receive help. In fact, most people in the society tend to take their loved ones to such home-care centers so that they can receive professional care.

The elderly persons tend to be affected by diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, and high blood pressure. As a result, they end up requiring a person who can look after them throughout the day, and this can be very challenging in cases where the people who are associated with the elderly persons have to go to work. In such cases, home-care centers end up becoming the only suitable place where they can be taken since there are professionals who know how to handle people who suffer from old-age complications.

Sussex Healthcare does not only care for the seniors, but it also offers numerous learning activities that are aimed at helping those who are affected by neurological complications. Technology is essential in all areas of life, and Sussex Healthcare has invested in technology to ensure that high-quality help can be accorded to the elderly. Sussex Healthcare does not only benefit the elderly, but it also helps those who have different neurological disorders that may arise out of accidents.

Brain injury victims are very many in the society, and Sussex Healthcare is always there to help such people in coping with the new conditions. Sussex is an enterprise that continues to outshine other home-care centers in the process of offering high-end services to the elderly. The management of the organization, which is led by Shiraz Boghani, is always determined to ensure that Sussex remains to be a leader in this particular niche. Shiraz has a lot of experience in entrepreneurial activities, and he applies his skills on a daily basis to ensure that Sussex can provide services that are beyond quality.

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A New Type of Hospital, the CopaStar

The Copa Star is a medical facility in Brazil that has revolutionalized the nature of healthcare and treatment. Copa Star as a hospital aims to provide healthcare and accommodation services to wealthy clients. It is a medical facility like no other. Not only does it treat patients but also has a hotel type of duty that caters for the needs of those people who are under admission for intensive medical attention. The Copa Star specializes in the treatment of cancer and heart-related ailments.

Today, this luxury hospital stands in the South of Rio De Janeiro, along Figueiredo Magalhaes Street in Copacabana. Its strategic placement has enabled it to amass a lot of profits over the years since this location is a hub for the wealthy and mighty people in Brazil. The Copa Star is so spectacular since it provides the best level of service to clients, uses the latest technology there is in cardiology and cancer treatment, offers customers with catering and room service. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

At this facility, a patient has the opportunity of conversing with a doctor or nurse through the use of Android devices present in the facility. For this reason, one has the assurance of quality care. Copa Star has helped bridge the gap that recently found in healthcare especially around Copacabana. Initially, people would be forced to seek medical help from other cities. However, Copa Star has helped create access to quality healthcare.

To date, the Copa Star boasts of six hundred qualified employees, with a sixth of them being doctors. Thus, every patient is confident of his health needs being taken care of in detail. Besides, the Copa Star has a bed capacity of a hundred and fifty patients. Its spacious nature makes resident patients feel adequately accommodated. Since the facility greatly relies on technology, it has integrated robotics into some of its operations. Robots are well-known to carry out delicate medical procedures with high precision. Thus, one is confident of a full recovery at the end of the day.

Also, the Star Cup has gone a notch higher to cater for the needs of friends and relatives that accommodate patients to this facility. The environment at Copa Star is very inviting. As you enter the lobby of the hospital, the first glimpse you get is that of an art gallery, and might even be hard for a first time visitor to tell whether or not they are in an actual hospital.

Since all personnel at the facility receive the best training, clients can recover in no time. The restaurant residing within the medical facility also provides customers with nutritious food at any time of day. Thus, the Copa Star is a new type of medical facility that has completely taken the world by storm.

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InnovaCare Health is led by Dr Richard Shinto as the President. The Health care is under good leadership from the expertise that he has gained over the period of 20 years. His experience revolves around operational health care and clinical health care. Due to his good leadership in the past and in his current capacity he continues to serve as the chief executive officer of InnovaCare health care plans in Puerto Rico. Previously, Richard worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Aveta from the year 2008 until its sale in 2012. He is fit to be the man behind the leadership of the organization based on his experience in the medical field. First, before joining Aveta he was the chief medical officer of NAMM California. In addition to the above he also served at Medical Pathways Management in the capacity of a Chief operating officer and that of Chief medical officer. He began his career in South California in the capacity of an internist and that of pulmonologist. Dr Shinto is also renowned for having authored great articles in clinical medicine and healthcare.

The other great mind behind the leadership of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief administrative officer of the organization. She re-joined the organization in the year 2015 with vast experience in the field of health care. Prior to joining the institution she served as chief operating officer of Aveta. Before her current role, she was the chief operating officer of the institution. Kokkinides is recognized for her expertise in increasing efficiency and improving infrastructure in health care infrastructure in the centres. Penelope Kokkinides makes this possible by creating clinical programs and managing clinical process to ensure that operations run smoothly. This ensures that operations and activities in the health facilities are streamlined. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch.

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On July 28th 2016 InnovaCare made a public announcement of the addition of three people to the leadership of the organization. One of the additions was Jonathan Meyers who was appointed as the Chief actuary officer at InnovaCare. Before being appointed to his new role he was the director of actuarial services, Medicare and Medicaid for Horizon Blue cross Blue shield for New Jersey.

Mike Sortino is the other addition besides Penelope Kokkinides. He joined the organization as the chief accounting officer. Previously he was the controller of Samsung Fire and marine Insurance Company limited. During the announcement Richard quoted that the three additions were for the expertise and professional integrity that InnovaCare Health sought in its leadership.