Fabletics: How they Took on Amazon

For many small businesses, taking on a company as big as Amazon can be terrifying. Most-if not all people-don’t have the courage to do so. One of very few people that has had the courage to do so, however, was Kate Hudson – with her recent Fabletics company. Fabletics looked to compete with Amazon, and has easily become one of the first few companies that were able to do so. Fabletics very easily went from a small company to one of Amazon’s biggest competitors in the athletic wear world. One might ask themselves how this happened, and, well, it’s fairly simple.


  • Fabletics’ Reverse Showroom Technique


One of the biggest advancements Fabletics has made over Amazon is their reverse showroom technique. Fabletics has a variety of brick-and-mortar stores – meaning that they can appeal to the brick-and-mortar crowd, while still appealing to the crowd that wants to buy products online. The reverse showroom technique Fabletics uses is fairly simple-essentially, the majority of Fabletics customers will find the business through the website-but a good amount prefer to physically try a clothing item on before purchasing it, so opt to go to a brick-and-mortar location. This is, of course, something that Amazon does not have-so anyone looking to go to a physical location often opt for Fabletics.


  • Fabletics’ Lifestyle Quiz


Fabletics makes it easy for anyone to figure out what clothing options are right for them with their intuitive lifestyle quiz. Fabletics asks you a variety of simple questions-what type of workout you prefer (such as running or jogging), what clothing style you prefer, etc. All of this is used to determine what clothing items fit you-and your lifestyle-best. Fabletics uses this to make the most reliable and accurate suggestions geared towards you and your own personal lifestyle; and also of course uses it to ensure that any items you purchase will match the type of exercise you, yourself, prefer. Fabletics also uses this in order to determine your clothing size-as, at the end of the lifestyle quiz, is a detailed clothing size breakdown of a variety of different sizes; making it easy for you to find items in your size.


  • A Foodie Stays Fit on Fabletics


Many people feel more comfortable trusting or trying a product that is trusted by others. Fabletics is, of course, one of those products – A Foodie Stays Fit recently posted a (non-sponsored) unbiased review on Fabletics, and went on to praise the company for the products they sell – and, of course, the variety.


All in all, it’s fairly easy to see why Fabletics has been able to compete with Amazon in recent years – and why they have been able to prove time and time again how they are successful.

Amazon Trying to Fight Off Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

In the last few years, Amazon has been trying to maintain their top spot in the fashion e-commerce market, but it hasn’t been easy. Amazon is used to making 20 percent of all the sales in the apparel market, but one clothing company is starting to emerge from the thousands of other retailers in this space and give Amazon all they can handle. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is pulling away from the rest of the clothing sellers and making their way to the top, selling $250 million in women’s workout clothing in under three short years.


To hear Hudson explain why her athleisure brand has been able to endure such a steady growth over all this time, the answers might surprise some. To start, Hudson says her membership perks for loyal Fabletics shoppers are numerous, then she says combine that with reverse showrooming and you are able to sustain these incredible sales numbers. Just go to the local mall and walk inside the Fabletics retail shops. Women are trying on leggings, they are browsing racks for tank tops, they are looking for the latest arrivals in yoga pants, and even taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics dominates the fashion e-commerce market today actually takes place online. Every time a loyal customer is in the stores at the mall and tried on a piece of workout apparel or active-wear, that piece is then transferred to their online account. What this means is the customer can return to shopping exactly where they stopped, at a time more convenient for them. The online inventory at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is huge, so since sizing is no longer a issue, these shoppers fill up the online shopping cart with impulse buys in record numbers.


Take into account a few of the perks of membership at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. These loyal customers are enjoying discounts on workout clothing in the mall and online, they get free shipping for future orders, and they are assigned their own personal shopper. Your shopper looks at the quiz answers and picks one item at the top of the month you may want to consider. It is all about being pampered at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and the sales numbers paint a picture that are saying the membership perks at Amazon just don’t cut it anymore. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to give Amazon a little more company at the top of the retail apparel niche.