Gareth Henry on Private Equity

Gareth James Henry is the head of Investor Relations and Expert in Private Credit and hedge funds situated in New York and London. He is a financial expert and is committed to reliable communication with clients. Mr. Henry is also responsible for managing worldwide portfolios in renowned financial firms and is driven to keep up with the latest top market trends.

He previously served as the global head investor of relations at Gordon and Co., which deals with alternative investments and has a network of $28 billion. Before that, Gareth Henry worked as the head of International Investor Relations. He is the current managing director of Fortress Investments. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

Gareth Henry started his career as an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP and then became a Director of Strategic Solutions at a global investment firm in Schroders. He has sufficient skills in communicating with peers, colleagues, and customers about investment, which gives him an edge over other mathematics students.

According to Gareth Henry, private equity boosts portfolio returns. It encompasses cash that is directly invested in companies. It also works with privately owned companies together with newly established companies. The profit from a private equity investment can be used to sponsor new technology purchase acquisitions, improve working capital and solidify a balance sheet. Private Equity Investment is derived mainly from Institutional investors and approved Investors. An approved investor is a person with a legal annual income of $200,000 or $300,000 for joint ventures

He is of the opinion that learning does not end and encourages others around him to never seize to acquire knowledge. Gareth Henry also has a firm belief that everyone has a valuable opinion and that one should always get feedback from colleagues, team, and clients as this is the key to better understanding the dynamics of what they are working on.

Gareth is a member of United Kingdom’s Institute of Actuaries and the United States Society of Actuaries. Henry is involved in Corporate Social Responsibilities, and he also has a passion for impacting people’s lives by carrying out public speaking engagements.

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Sandy Chin Learned Her Skills From A Top Ranking Analyst

Seasoned In Staple Stocks

For more than two decades Sandy Chin had been managing the purchasing and selling of staple stocks. She is now known as a well-seasoned portfolio manager. She started Tidal Bore Capital a couple of years ago, and that gave her the ability to manage portfolios using a bottom-up strategy.


Educational Background

Sandy Chin earned an MBA from New York University. She has a BA in political science from Columbia Universities Barnard College. Bill Leach mentored Chin for ten years and helped her strengthen here analyst skills. Tidal Bore Capital was a hedge fund she jointly started with Bill. They teamed up after sic years of working at separate organizations.


Meeting The Mentor

Sandy Chin met Bill when he hired her on at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. When she joined his team they were dealing with food stocks. She was Bill’s second hire during his 20-plus years as a Senior Analyst at the company. Chin says Bill was very knowledgeable in his field, and he was a top ranking analyst for a long time. Bill would ask Chin to tag along with him to meetings and conferences. Following Bill around allowed Chin to learn first-hand how to value staple stocks. She also learned about questioning management companies, and what to look for during responses. She was learning to pick up on tone, body language, and patterns in answers.


Paying Lessons Forward

Bill informed Sandy Chin that when he started out, he was tagging along with no pen or paper allowed. He was supposed to be focused on the people, listening to what they say and how they relayed the information. Bill joked about running to complete a brain dump right after the meeting before he forgot anything. The skill Bill picked up while studying people helped him when it came to picking stocks. This is an important skill that he has passed on to Sandy Chin.


Influencing Others

Sandy Chin was the only associate in the room back in 1998 when she joined Bill. One analyst told her that he doesn’t let his associate attend meetings, or leave his desk. He was advised that the company’s idea of an associate was one who sat at the computer and just worked on models. That was not effective for associates, lacking the interaction with management companies, the associate couldn’t properly model the companies. After a while, other analysts brought their associates to meetings and presentations. Those analysts were learning from Bill also. They saw that he was invested in his associate, and it strengthened their teams as well as improved their modeling and stock picking.


The Success Story of CVCs Co-Founder Guilherme Paulus

CVC, founded in 1972 at the municipality of Santo Andre, is a leading operator and travel agency which is headed by a group of executives. It has grown tremendously from a small travel agency to become the largest travel agency in Latin America as well as the largest Brazil’s retail tourism network. It wouldn’t have been that much successful if not for the leadership of the co-founder and businessman Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration and he has a remarkable experience of 50 years in the tourism industry. Together with his colleague, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, they founded the CVC in 1972. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin account.

Paulus has, for the last 45 years, been part of the growth of CVC to become the successful company it is now. He, among others, applied innovative and collaborative strategies that saw the company’s products and services diversified. As compared to the traditional travel packages, their portfolio of products is very wide.

In 2009, part of CVC was sold to the Carlyle Group. This happened when Guilherme Paulus expected the support of a global investment fund that would see the company grow bigger and promote tourism. The company went further to open its capital on the stock exchange in 2013. Currently, CVC earns R $5.2 billion revenue annually, annual growth rate of about 99%. It also has plans to open new hundred stores per year.

Guilherme Paulus’s company is big enough that it is available in more than 400 malls in Brazil as well as 140 hypermarkets and commercial galleries. The company opened stores in areas with a population of less 60 thousand people in a plan to explore into markets that has not been taped into. This venture is called internalization. Moreover, the venture works hand in hand with the less known Omni Channel concept which integrates virtual stores and buyers.

Well, it is worthy knowing that Paulus is recognized internationally for his contribution to the tourism sector and currently, he is the chairman of the GJP Group. Moreover, he chairs the board of directors of the Sao Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. At the same time, he is the vice president of International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV).



Ian King: The Next Steps in Financial Investment

There are two articles that highlight some of the expertise that Ian King brings to the table when it comes to savvy investment choices and the importance of caution during certain times in the Federal Reserve’s cycling. These articles “Is the Federal Reserve About to Crash the Markets? Ian King Advises Investors to Be Cautious” and, “Ian King Says Robinhood Could Help Cryptocurrency Values Soar” both showcase the diverse nature of Ian King. Visit to know more.

In order to understand why his advice is so important in the world of investment, it is pivotal to understand his background. He has worked as a hedge fund manager and trader for much of his career. He has spent an exorbitant amount of time trading in cryptocurrency, which is given him the unique background necessary to speak on it confidently. He has provided information about cryptocurrencies too many publications such as Zero Hedge, FOX Business news, and even Banyan Hill’s own Seeking Alpha. All these opportunities gave him the chance to grow his own knowledge while providing valuable resources to his community.

The first of these articles, featuring the Federal Reserve is something that Ian King takes particularly serious. He has noticed that in the past the Federal Reserve rate hike cycle has disrupted the market. As the government is planning to sell off some of the assets that they have gained over the years, he foresees that the flooding may have startling implications for the market. The Federal Reserve has ensured investors that the selling off of their assets will be gradual and will not affect the market in any kind of way, but he warns his investors to be very cautious moving forward into this new wave of investment.

The second article is particularly interested in the growth of cryptocurrencies within a new app that has been sweeping the entire community by storm, Robin Hood. This is aptly named because it is in the business of helping those individuals who are not currently successful in the cryptocurrency market achieve some semblance of success without having to pay exorbitant trading fees. In fact, Robin Hood is working on providing its services free or low cost to all of its subscribers. It is currently one that right in five states and continues to push for a better type of trading in the future. For now, and Ian King endorses this app as a way of gaining insight into the cryptocurrency community Visit:


Louis Chênevert Shares Learning and Success

Louis Chênevert’s success has was recently made headlines in Release Fact. In 1958 Chênevert was born in Montréal, Québec where he led a normal childhood and developed a passion for entrepreneurship and business at a young age. The drive, work ethic, and dedication was instilled in Chênevert in his youth knowing these attributes will lead eventually lead to success.

He specialized in Production Management at the HEC Montréal Business School. After earning his degree, Chênevert started his career at General Motors where he was in charge of the assembly line. He was hired by Guy Hachey, an employee who had been with the company 1.5 years longer and always promoted Chênevert as his predecessor when he was promoted into a new role. Hachey shares with Release Fact the bond and commonalities of learning and success Hachey and Chênevert both shared while working in the auto industry, remaining close friends to this day.

After 14 years at GM, Chênevert along with another GM employee named Louis Krapek, shifted towards the Aerospace Industry. While Hachey became President and COO of Bombardier Aerospace company, Krapek ultimately became the President and COO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Chênevert joined Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) within the Aerospace Industry, a division of Pratt & Whitney (P&W). Chênevert had created significant success for PWC by cutting manufacturing costs by 10%, whose impact was recognized by P&W where he was appointed Executive VP for Operations. Three years laters and he was appointed President of the company where he was able to turn around the P&W financial situation to making it profitable again.

UTC, the company that P&W was a subsidiary of, had later asked Chênevert to become Chairman of the Corporation after seeing his success at P&W. UTC provided numerous types of products through multiple subsidiaries, enabling him to experience and become unskilled on a broader level. After two years, he became CEO and president of UTC, after exemplifying his strength as a leader. UTC celebrated enormous success during his time as a leader, landing a million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy and acquiring Goodrich Corporation, making UTC a bigger player within the industry than it was before.

After serving as President and CEO for six years, he retired in 2014. While developing hobbies on the side, Chênevert also serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board at Yale Cancer Center. To read his full biography on Release Fact, click here.