The Benefits of Choosing Dr. Jennifer Walden

Texas resident Dr. Jennifer Walden has made a name for herself as one of the premier plastic surgeons in the state. Dr. Walden has the education, experience, and honors to encourage patients’ trust, including being a member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Deciding whether or not to undergo plastic surgery can be an emotional decision for many patients. Some surgeries are medically necessary, while many others are elective. Dr. Walden’s warm bedside manner and clear communication style help her patients feel comfortable as they are making these potentially life changing decisions.

Throughout history, plastic surgery has been primarily a male-dominated field. In fact, barely 10 percent of board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States are women. Dr Walden firmly believes that being a woman in this field gives her an important advantage. After experiencing pregnancy and childbirth herself, she has a clear understanding of what these life changes do to a woman’s body. She also has the empathy necessary to understand what her patients are going through and make recommendations in a non-judgmental manner.

Since more than 90 percent of plastic surgery procedures are performed on women, women deserve the right to be able to work with a female plastic surgeon who truly understands a woman’s body. Patients feel more confident and enjoy better outcomes when they are dealing with a surgeon who listens to them, provides recommendations without judgement, and makes them feel comfortable. Many women are more comfortable talking to another woman about their plastic surgery needs, making Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews a clear choice.

Dr. Walden is currently accepting new patients at her practice for a variety of cosmetic procedures. Her facility is clean and comfortable, and each staff member is trained in proper patient care and customer service to ensure a smooth, positive experience.

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Dr. Saad Saad Explains How to Handle Cases of Stuck Objects in Children’s Windpipes and Food Pipes

Dr. Saad Saad has practiced pediatric surgery for forty years removing foreign substances from the trachea (windpipe) and esophagus (food pipe). He has removed stuck food and other objects from over 1000 children stuck in the trachea and esophagus. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Saad admits that children as young as six months old choke on stuck objects by picking and swallowing them. He adds that luckily enough, the object might pass straight to the stomach without any issues.

However, complications arise when the objects pass through the windpipe or are stuck in the food pipe. Wheezing and trouble in breathing and swallowing are some common signs of a stuck object in the child’s trachea or food pipe.

Some of the things that are easily stuck when swallowed by a child include hot dogs, coins, peanuts, beads, and larger buttons. The smaller objects like beads and peanuts are commonly stuck in the windpipe while the larger ones like hot dogs and coins are stuck in the food pipe.

Dr. Saad Saad advises on the various ways to handle offer first aid to the victims of swallowing objects. For children younger than six years, turn the child upside down while holding the child by the legs.

Still holding them, lightly tap on the back and in most cases, the object will pop out through the mouth of the child. In children older than six years, performing the Heimlich maneuver help the child cough out the object.

This activity involves thrusting your hands in the abdomen while standing behind the child and wrapping your hands around the child’s waist. Thrusting the abdomen will prompt coughing.

However, Dr. Saad Saad insists that one should never try to scoop stuck objects because that might force the object the object further down or increase blockage. If first Aid does not work, take the child to the hospital for an Xray will to display if the object is stuck in the windpipe or food pipe. An X-ray cannot detect stuck peanuts, but coins are visible.

In the case of a peanut, the doctor performs esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy to the patient. The procedure involves the use of the endoscopes, devices used to look into the windpipes or food pipes of patients. Dr. Saad Saad has made a legacy that has earned him a great name and tremendous respect. We need more of such figures in all departments. Thanks to Dr. Saad Saad.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Achievements in the Health Sector

Dr. Saad Saad is a famous pediatric surgeon who has been involved in various pediatric missions throughout his career life. He has managed to perform so many successful operations to young children majority of who are in a complicated situation.

Dr. Saad Saad is always passionate about the changes in the medical world and has ever worked towards changing the lives of many individuals. He is still researching the best treatment practices aimed at ending the pain of their clients as well as improving the quality of their operations.

Dr. Saad Saad through his expertise and experience has managed to patent two major inventions in his career. He was able to come up with a different surgical procedure that has enabled him to succeed in his career.

Saad has managed to handle various cases for over 40 years within and also outside the United States. He started serving in the United States but later expanded his clientele to other countries. He has worked in Israel during various medical missions in West Bank and Jerusalem. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad has patented the Catheter which has an Integral Magnetic Location Device. It has been instrumental when treating a patient ends with various stomach issues.

Previously, people used the traditional catheters which acted as tubes that used to be placed inside the body for multiple tests. They have managed to provide access to all the surgical tools and drain fluids during operations.

When operating a Catheter, a surgeon has to note its location. The person operating It cannot access it openly, and thus the doctors prefer to use X-ray procedure while detecting it. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

It is, therefore, a risky exercise because the majority of these exercises are usually a fragile process which ought to be done professionally. The best options are the MRI machines, but the disadvantage is their size. It is generally unfavorable.

Dr. Saad Saad was able to design a way in which one can identify a catheter using the electromagnetic system. It is a very convenient method and has been rated to be instant, safe, quick to locate and also portable.

The innovation has been able to save the operation time and also reducing the risk of exposure from dangerous rays called gamma rays. They are usually brought about by x-ray procedures which are a tricky process.

Dr. Saad Saad’s second patent is designing of ways of using an endoscope. An endoscope is a piece of equipment that is used to view a patients body during an operation.

He was able to develop a device that would help provide a suction system and irrigation method within the endoscope so that they can prevent blocking. They have been able to simplify the work of the surgeons by making the operations faster and easier.

How Brian Torchin Helps Employers And Employees In The Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin is a former chiropractor who founded his own staffing firm in January 2007. This company is called HCRC Staffing and it is based in Narberth, Pennsylvania. He offers his services to people and companies in the healthcare sector. He earned his undergraduate degree in exercise science at the University of Deleware and he graduated in 1995 from New York Chiropractic College where he earned his chiropractic degree.

He offers both consultation services and he helps his clients locate jobs in these two industries. He is known for providing comprehensive solutions to his clients who are seeking employment. He is alsoknow for presenting pools of highly qualified clients to the companies he has worked with who need to hire for a position. He has over 200 companies he works with which are located in America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Canada. He works with a variety of different companies ranging from small private practices to urgent care offices.

While Brian Torchin is very busy managing his company he also does maintain a blog on his firm’s website. He writes about issues such as how companies in the healthcare industry are streamlining their businesses in order to help reign in the costs of healthcare. They also want to increase patient satisfaction he says as well as reduce the number of readmissions they experience. He advises companies in this industry to stay on top of compensation trends in the industry so that they can offer competitive salaries which will attract top talent.

Brian Torchin says that his firm can hire for any position in the healthcare industry. Over the years he has placed every type of position from front desk assistant to office manager to medical doctors and nurses. He says that his team does an extensive phone interview with each job candidate. They can also schedule interviews for the companies HCRC Staffing is contracted with who are looking for job candidates. His company also doesn’t require any upfront payments from their clients. Instead, he only bills if and when his company has hired one of his company’s job candidates.



The Significant Roles Of Dr. David Samadi In The Medical Sector

Dr. David Samadi is a certified medical doctor working at Lenox Hill Hospital. He holds different posts as a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, for instance, Dr. Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and also the Chairman of Urology Department. These posts have enabled him to be well established and recognized in the medical sector. However before he ended up working at Lenox Hill Hospital, he has worked with different medical institutions and served top positions. For example, he has worked with the Mt Sinai School of Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and much more. Following his great ambition, focus and hard work he became the highest paid medical doctor in New York.

His great success is also as a result of his excellent academic results. He has studied at different schools, in different states. For instance, he has had an opportunity to study in Belgium, London, and New York states respectively. This is for primary and secondary education. Dr. David Samadi has also attended stony brook university whereby he attained his degree in biochemistry. He also earned M.D from the same university. Moreover, Dr. David did not stop there he, however, continued his education in different courses, for instance, he did proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Urology at Montefiore medical center, Robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor hospital and much more.


Following Dr. David Samadi working at Lenox Hill Hospital, he has managed to improve the lives of the local people and those from different places who seek the services of the hospital. Dr. David together and his team has uplifted the status of the Lenox Hill Hospital to an international hospital which has resulted to attracting many people from different states. Despite Mr. Samadi being a doctor he is also a professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ school of medicine and also hosts a show known as the Sunday Housecall. The show mainly concerns health and proper living.

His show Sunday Housecall covers various issues concerning the health of a human being and the possible diseases that affects the human body. For instance, he has invited various specialized doctors who give advises on the various deadly disease that affects people. For example, he has invited doctors such as Doctor Doris Day who is a certified dermatologist, Dr. Cynara comer who is the chief surgery for breast cancer. Dr. David also talks about prostate cancer a deadly disease that mainly affects men. He offers the possible causes of prostate cancer, preventive measures, and the possible treatment. The show mainly helps individuals live a healthy and quality life.

Foresite Capital: Funding Companies Aiming To Make A Difference In The Field Of Healthcare

He is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard University and got a degree in sciences while he was there. The company that Jim Tananbaum is the head of is Foresite Capital and is an investment company that mainly invests in other companies and businesses in the healthcare sector. Jim Tananbaum has worked extremely hard to make the company the national leader that it is today. Combining his knowledge of the medical field, along with his expertise in the sector of finance, he makes a brilliant fit for a company of this kind.

Jim Tananbaum is someone who believes in always learning and developing his skills and expanding his knowledge. These qualities, along with his incredible leadership are what has gotten him so far ahead of the competition. With the incredible help of Jim Tananbaum, the company has grown beautifully and has emerged as one of the leading financial investment firms of its kind. Over the years, Jim Tananbaum has worked with numerous clients across a wide array of sectors within the healthcare field, under the name of Foresite Capital.

There have been numerous healthcare companies that have been able to start up their operations owing to the funding that they receive through Foresite Capital. One such company is Mindstrong Health, which managed to attain a generous fourteen million dollar investment from Foresite Capital. Mindstrong health is a business that is focused on the research and treatment of numerous neurological disorders and diseases. The funding will help the company grow immensely and be able to expand their research and find better treatments for these conditions.

The company aims to be of the biggest aid to people who have been diagnosed with mental disorders that affect their everyday lives. By getting this funding, Foresite has managed to not just help Mindstrong Health, but also numerous patients across the country who will now have access to better treatments for conditions that they have been diagnosed with. To learn more about Jim Tananbaum, visit

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Transplant of Stem Cells May Trigger Sustained Reduction of Multiple Sclerosis

The results from new clinical trials offer evidence that a high-dosage of immunosuppressive medication followed by replacement of an individual’s blood-making stem cell can trigger permanent remission of multiple sclerosis (MS), a severe autoimmune disease whereby the immune system fights the central nervous system. A half a decade after being treated with high-dose immunosuppressive therapy plus autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, 69 percent of clinical trial members did not experience any progression of disability, new brain lesions, or MS symptoms’ relapse. Several studies have established that the approved MS medications have minimal success rates.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) sponsored this clinical trial, which was carried out by the Immune Tolerance Network. The team of experienced researchers released three-year results of the trial in December 2014 and published the final five-year results in Neurology on February 1, 2017. Neurology is an established medical journal owned by the American Academy of Neurology. According to Anthony Fauci, the managing director of NIAID, HDIT/HCT treatment may be more efficient than the currently available therapies for individuals with a particular type of MS. The results show that most participants in the trial remained in stable conditions five years after receiving HDIT/HCT treatment.

About Dr. Shiva Gopal

Dr. Shiva Gopal is an accomplished neurologist based in Voorhees, NJ. He earned his medical degree from the Government Medical College back in 1979. Dr. Shiva has served as a physician for over four decades.

Currently, Dr. Shiva Gopal offers his medical services to the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates’ clients. He is also allied to the Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He accepts several insurance programs such as Horizon Blue, Aetna, Medicare, and Cross Blue Shield. Dr. Shiva Gopal is fluent in English and Spanish.