Mark Hutchinson – The Co-founder of Wild Ark

The co-founder of Wild Ark, Mr. Mark Hutchinson, has chosen to dedicate his life to the wild life. Mark’s dedication to the wild is influenced by his childhood memory, which includes crawling into the holes of wombat, riding horses, mustering sheep, and fly-fishing in the countryside of Australia. At the age of 22, Hutchison was inspired by his adventures and founded an adventure company known as Avana, which is also referred to as Untamed. However, the company was later sold in 2013 to a public company, and things did not go well. According to Hutchison, the mission of Untamed was to help people on how to mother nature. Mark believed that there are a lot of individuals who have seen everything from luxury holidays but lost the interest of reconnecting with nature. In 2015, Mark left the corporate world to venture into his passion for nature. He had the dream of helping people on how to reconnect with wildlife through Wild Ark. The primary objective of the organization is to preserve the fragile ecosystems of the world. Learn more:

About Mark Hutchinson

Mr. Mark Hutchison was brought up in Australia and had to spend most of his life in the forest. It is because of his life experience that made him became a passionate supporter of wildlife. Mark has been spending most of his time in educating and inspiring people about nature. Mark has more than ten years of experience in training people about eco-tourism. He achieved the experience through entrepreneurial ventures, which include operating a travel and training business. It is the desire of Hutchison to leave the world in a great natural state for the next generation.

Mark Hutchinson co-founded Wild Ark in 2016 with the aim of protecting the world’s biodiversity. The organization got its first conservancy contract in 2017. It is working with Kruger Region in South Africa to build safe havens for various species in the area. According to Hutchinson, Wild Ark will continue with its mission of exploring different ways that can help with the protection of wildlife. Mark Hutchinson attended Sydney University, from where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Economics. Mark is also an alumnus of INSEAD Business School, from where he received his MBA. Learn more: