Gregory Aziz Helped Create More Railway Opportunities

For Gregory J Aziz, the railway is something that he enjoys. He likes it because of the opportunities that it provides to other people but also to his business. He has come a long way since he first purchased his business, but he believes a lot of his success is a result of the hard work he has put in. He also knows the success has come as a result of the dedication he has to the Railway Industry. Since he knows how to handle the railway businesses, he knows he can do everything in his power to cater to them with the opportunities he has. Like him on Facebook.


As things have changed for Gregory Aziz, he has learned a lot about the things he is able to do with the company. Greg Aziz worked as a businessman when he first started out in his career. He had a lot of success in business, but he also did what he could to try and make his own success a possibility. By purchasing his own company, he was able to provide more options for people who wanted to enjoy the railway business. He was committed to helping people out with all the issues they would typically have on their own in the industry.


When things changed for Gregory James Aziz, he knew he would need to make all the right choices for the business world. He chose to purchase a failing business which was a big risk. He worked hard and made the business return to a point where it was profitable, but that meant he had to work even harder to make things happen for the company he was a part of. As long as Gregory Aziz continued to provide his clients with the things they needed, he was going to keep making things work for people. Read More Information Here.


After purchasing National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz began revamping the company. While his main goal was to continue providing steel cars to railway companies, he wanted to modernize the company. He felt many of the issues that the company had were because it had not been updated. People didn’t realize National Steel Car was as successful as what it could have been because there was no way for people to tell what was happening to the company based on the issues they had in the past. Gregory Aziz wanted to change that and worked hard to make things better.

Boraie Development Sponsors Summer Movies at State Theatre

Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation are again sponsoring six free Summer Movies Series. The movies will be showing at the 1921 historical movie place, State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The showings will offer the community a chance to enjoy their favourite movies with their loved ones. Also, they will revel spending time at summer camps, in sumptuous surroundings of State Theatre.

Organises are expecting to reach many families of around 7,500 people. Hiam Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development announced with the State Theatre Vice President of Development and Strategic Partnership, Anna Marie Gewirtz. Also, the Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation, Jane Kurek, was present.

The State Theatre provides the moviegoers with tremendous experience. From a digital cinema projection system that is HD, a 46’ Stewart film screen, digital surround sound and a Barco projector. The theatre has 1,850 seating capacity. Similar to the beautiful days of Hollywood, the audience can either sit or enjoy their viewing at the balcony.

Each movie will be showing at 10.30 am and 7.00pm as follows.

  • The movie Frozen on July 12
  • The Extra-Terrestrial on July 19
  • Despicable Me 2 on July 26
  • Babe on August 2
  • Monsters University on August 9
  • Aladdin on August 16

According to Philly Purge, organizes gave out their access no, 732-246-7469 and email: for those seeking reservations or planning for a bus trip. Only group above twenty can make reservations. For those buying tickets or seeking more information, the State Ticket number is 732-246-SHOW (7469) and website Offices location is at 15 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick NJ, opened from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.


About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a Company that offers a range of services on the urban real estate market. The company focuses on property management, real estate development, and marketing in New Brunswick, Atlantic City and Newark. Boraie Development partners with strong financial institutions, credible architects, and contractors to ensure quality and timely project. For more details visit Bloomberg to know more.

Started by Omar Boraie, an Egyptian migrant, Boraie Development changed the face of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Omar choose the town of New Brunswick after Jonson & Johnson Company committed to retaining its headquarters in the city. In 1988, Boraie Development did the first project of executive offices, Albany Street Plaza Tower One and Tower two in 2003. The Company has constructed residential apartments, commercial buildings hostel for colleges as well as institutions buildings.

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What Gregory Aziz And K&S Potash Can Do

Have you ever sat in your vehicle at a train crossing and wondered what was in the rail cars passing by? Where they came from? Where they were going? Rail shipments can be interesting to find out about as rail transportation is still a major cog in the global transportation wheel. For example, last year National Steel Car won the contract to produce 500 rail cars for K&S Potash Canada GP. Five hundred rail cars is a substantial amount, and the product that K&S makes is an important haul.


Potash is a mined mineral that ends up, 95% of the time, as a fertilizer meant to enrich soils that are potassium deficient. It is hard to grow anything in soils that have low potassium levels, so the majority of these shipments are earmarked for developing countries overseas. What this means for Greg Aziz and company is that the work of producing these rail cars is very important for the quality of life for many people thousands of miles away. Go To This Page for additional reads.


The rail transport would begin at the mines where the raw product first comes from, ending up most of time at Port Moody BC where it would be loaded onto container ships destined for international ports. On the other side of the ocean where these other ports are, rail transport is also used, in cars that Gregory J Aziz and company may very well have made, to get the product to its final destinations.


This supply chain makes two very good points. One, important shipments such as this take time. Even when the modes of transport are substantially larger than the average. Secondly, and on a more personal level, that line of 150+ rail cars pulled by 5 engines may be zipping past you at a high rate of speed. But know that what you see in the short time you see it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the entire trip they are making.


It may be a 5 or ten-minute inconvenience to you, but Gregory James Aziz can assure you of one thing. Many more people would be “inconvenienced” even more if that potash shipment did not make it to its final destination.