Adam Milstein- Investing in the future of the Jews

The Jews are concerned about their welfare since they are some of the most “hated” people in the world. How is that possible? For hundreds of years, Jews have faced discrimination in the form of antisemitism. The hate against Jews has been used as a tool by radical groups that are anti-Israel to seek revenge for losing the battle for independence to the Jews. Radical Islamist form the largest group that oppose the independence of the Jews. These groups aim to see the Jews eliminated from the Middle East. However, their efforts have been defeated by the strength of the Jews.

Impacting the future

Jews have invested in maintaining their strength. They understand that the enemies are looking for an opportunity to attack the community. The Jews have put measures in place to deal with challenges facing the community. According to Adam Milstein, a pro-Israeli activist, the Jewish family is the foundation of the Jewish strength. It is at the family level where young people can be taught to be proud of their identity. The fate of the community depends on the efforts of the current generation to impact the future generation. Investing in strong family values, education, and cultural heritage are some of the measures that will keep the Jews in a position to resist the enemy’s efforts.

Adam Milstein believes that children need to grow up proud of their Jewish identity. They form the future generation of Jews that will support and protect the community from the enemies.

About Adam Milstein

Among the most vocal Jewish community leaders is Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American living in Los Angeles. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, which he also serves as the national chairman. His vision is to see a strong Jewish nation that can resist the challenges of the past decade. Adam Milstein is also behind another philanthropic organization called Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This family foundation was established with the assistance of Gila Milstein, the wife. This organization has supported tens of pro-Israeli groups.

Milstein runs a commercial real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties.

The Story Behind The Founding Of The Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used to be the owners of the Village Voice, a company that owns a number of independent newspapers across the nation. They got their start with the Phoenix New Times and expanded from there. They were living and working in the greater Phoenix area when both were suddenly arrested and put in jails in 2007.

The person who was responsible for this was Joe Arpaio who was sheriff at the time. He committed many atrocities while he was the sheriff of Maricopa County with the wrongful imprisonment of these two journalists being just one of the bad things he committed.

They had been arrested and charged for having details about a grand jury investigation in articles in the Phoenix New Times. At the time Michael Lacey was the executive editor of this newspaper while Jim Larkin was the chief executive officer.

Unbeknownst to them the grand jury had been investigating them. Joe Arpaio had never liked that the Phoenix New Times often had articles detailing how he had a policy of very aggressive law enforcement tactics since he had become sheriff in 1992. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Multiple times while serving as sheriff Joe Arpaio had been informed what was legally permissible and what things were not. He often ignored the law and did pretty much what he wanted.

He would often have immigrants detained, for instance, just because he suspected they were in the United States illegally. He was told that was unconstitutional but he kept it up anyway. He would also put inmates in an outdoor Tent City where they would suffer under extreme heat with not enough food or water. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

When the two journalists were released, without charges, they sued the county for violating their first amendment rights. They eventually won a judgment of over $4.8 million.

This money was used to set up the Frontera Fund which provides money to Hispanic nonprofits in Arizona. Hispanics were a big target for Arpaio and continue to face a lot of discrimination in Arizona.

Jim Larkin was born and raised in Phoenix. After graduating from high school he became a student at Arizona State University. He soon dropped out but he stayed active on campus. In 1972 he joined Michael Lacey and others in launching a new free campus newspaper, the Phoenix New Times.

The newspaper was 100% supported by advertising and as an alternative newspaper they reported on the news that the mainstream media in that city refused to cover.

Michael Lacey grew up in Newark, New Jersey, and had a father who worked in the trades. He decided to attend Arizona State University and so moved most of the way across the nation.

He also dropped out of this university, in 1970, before launching New Phoenix Times. They started expanding their business in 1983 when they bought an alternative newspaper in Denver, Colorado, called Westword. They eventually built their company, Village Voice, into a national brand with newspapers from Los Angeles, California, to New York, New York.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Two glorious guys, Jim and Michael Lacey embarked on the challenge of a lifetime. They questioned the values and actions of their local government, resulting in a situation where they had to furthermore fight for their rights.

After a long, winding, several-year court case, they came out as the victors, winning millions from a settlement. They decided that the settlement wasn’t just going to go into their pockets or into their bank accounts; it would go to people in need who suffered like them.


Femen is an organization that uses gimmicky tactics to inform people about the patriarchal unfairness of society. They openly show their bare, painted breasts, and put on complex, theatrical demonstrations.

The members of Femen have a lot of bravery, or must really not care, because they are putting themselves in harm’s way when they protest. There have been cases where Femen members have been given death threats. However, the cause is so important to the members of Femen that the prospect of showing their point to people outweighs the prospects of getting beaten up or arrested.

This organization is a European phenomenon, which is at least partially why you don’t see hundreds of thousands or millions of pussy-hat people in America taking to the streets with their bare chests.


The National Organization For Woman should really do what Femen does, but they don’t. However, they are nonetheless very successful and they have carved out place for themselves in the history books. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They provide all sorts of information, via the internet, about how be an activist and how to get involved in NOW. They have an assortment of suggested readings on the their website pertaining to feminism and women’s racial experiences.


North American Man Boy Love Association is one of the most taboo organizations. Being associated with this organization can make person lose his or her credibility pretty quickly. This is because of the fact that they are okay with, and advocate for, relationships between adults and minors—especially between boys and men.

Even if you are wildly disgusted by the image of a little boy being in a “relationship” with an older man, it is pretty enlightening to actually hear what they have to say and what arguments that they give. For example, even if you don’t think that a little boy should be dating a 50 year old man, should you be grossed out if a 15 year old, physically developed female is dating a 20 year old male?

There is a huge gray area about the age of consent and whether or not relationships between older and younger people are okay.

Of course, it would be a problem if a 20 year old man “dated” a 2 year old girl, but is it really a problem if he dates an emotionally mature, sexually driven, physically developed 15 year old woman who is wise about the cautionary measures that should be taken in sexual relationships?

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