Reputable Entrepreneur Serge Belamant advice Youths to Purse Accounting and Law 

Being intelligent and creative he managed to connect the dot very quickly. His presence at the workplace was very instrumental. One success after another, Serge has worked for many companies. With his abilities to analyze and development concept very quickly, he thrilled the advancement of sophisticated technology. His insightful work has dramatically changed the operation of the financial system.

South Africa Citizen, Serge Belamant was born in France. His father migrated to South Africa to look for green pasture. Serge found it hard to make friends with other kids due to the language barrier. He had to learn English so that he could enroll in elementary school. His was intelligent enough and had analytical skills to comprehend and apprehend concept in class very fast.

Serge Belamant was active, vibrant, and versatile. He participated in different games and was nominated as the captain of the team due to his strong leadership qualities. He enrolled Witwaterand University Situated in Johannesburg as a computer science student. Shortly after, he dropped out of college and secured employment.

Segre ventured into entrepreneurship in 1989. He founded his Net1 Universal Electronic Payment System. After six years the VISA Company approached for partnership. Serge is passionate about software development. The early 1990s, he created a digital payment that was used to transfer grant in South Africa.

He recently partnered to in creating Zilch Technologies. Serge Belamant put his family first. He has been instrumental in his son life. Together with his son Philip who is an expert in information technologies they share business ideas and turn them into action. He noted that he enjoys helping his employees in completing their task. Serge Belamant has built a reputation for himself as a reputable entrepreneur, and inventor. He inspires youths to embrace accounting and law as a career that can be their breakthrough.

His technology gained popularity at a higher rate, other countries such as Iraq and Russia embraced the technology. Serge enthusiasm and zeal to find the answer to life mysteries he has been front seat to shape the financial sector. He is gifted with leadership skills. Prism Group Holding appointed him as one of the advisory members.

Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

The birth of Net1 UEPs

Skin Care Products from Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is an independent Skin-Care company based in Houston, Texas. They may only have thirteen products but the company has a huge cult following and over 224,000 followers on Instagram. Of the thirteen products, the most popular one is Good Genes. Good Genes is an all-in-one lactic acid treatment that deeply exfoliates the dull surface of the skin for clarity, radiance, and fresher, smoother skin. Thanks to the lactic acid the treatment smells very sour but works so well it is overlooked.

Another popular skin treatment created by Sunday Riley is Saturn. Saturn is a sulfur acne treatment mask that helps rid mild to moderate acne. The treatment has 10% sulfur, 4% niacinamide, and other antibacterial ingredients, which makes the treatment mask go on bright green. This is not recommended for very reactive skin or hormonal activity. Another good product is called CEO Serum and is a rapid flash brightening serum. It has a very strong vitamin C sent, like fresh orange juice, due to the high vitamin C base. CEO Serum is very nourishing and great as a base between skin and makeup. Not recommended for really oily skin.

For anyone who has dark circles under their eyes or puffiness this next product from Sunday Riley is for them. It is called Auto Correct and is a brightening and depuffing eye contour cream. It instantly delivers a lifted look under the eye while also reducing fine lines and the appearance of dark circles. Auto Correct is recommended to be stored in the fridge for best results. Another interesting product is Tidal and is a brightening enzyme water cream. This is a water-cream that will hydrate your skin but this hybrid cream’s also a brightening treatment. It makes the skin feel instantly refreshed and targets dark spots to fade discoloration.

An interesting product of Sunday Riley is their Ceramic Slip Cleanser. This was one of their first products but has been reformulated to be gentler on sensitive skin. Now the plant-based cleanser that pulls out impurities while rehydrating the skin for smaller pores can be used by anyone.

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Nitin Khanna Is Backing An Exciting New Startup That Operates Within The Software Field

Nitin Khanna heads up innovative investment banking firm Merger Tech. The firm focuses on the area of acquisitions and the area of mergers. Merger Tech looks to invest in companies that are looking to sell and companies that are looking for opportunities for new investments as well as companies that are searching to find an exit strategy upon attaining maturity. Nitin Khanna and Merger Tech are now putting together major work in backing a software startup that is called iSos Inc. This company was founded during the 2016 calendar year by co-founders Paras Guglani, Anil Rana, Meenakshi Sharma and Gourav Arora.

Through the assistance of Nitin Khanna, iSos Inc. has been able to build up a total of $5 million. iSos Inc. has headquarters in both Punjab and the state of California. The focus of the firm is in the area of solutions within a smart office setting. In providing this service, the company has developed innovative communication software as well as software for cashless transactions, inventory management and attendance record keeping. The variety of areas that this software can be utilized in is a major reason that Nitin Khanna is so excited about the potential for iSos Inc. He has pointed out that iSos Inc. is filling a critical niche due to the importance that companies put on productivity. The company is currently doing outstanding work is helping firms to achieve this productivity that they are seeking. Read more

Before his time as the head of Merger Tech, Nitin Khanna was the co-founder of an operation named Saber Corp. After working long and hard to build the company into a success story, he sold in 2007 to a company known as EDS. It was after this that he began focussing his efforts toward founding Merger Tech. At Merger Tech, Nitin Khanna works alongside his brother Karan who holds the position of COO within the company.


James Dondero’s Philanthropic Efforts

James Dondero is a successful businessman who is currently the President of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, Texas. Before co-founding Highland Capital Management in 1993, Mr. Dondero worked for both JP Morgan Chase and American Express. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

In addition to his business endeavors, James Dondero is committed to helping his community of Dallas and communities in the surrounding area. One of the projects that Mr. Dondero is most noted for is his help with the Dallas Zoo. In 2001, The Dallas Zoo closed down its hippo program upon the death of the last hippo in the exhibit. Mr. James Dondero wanted to get the exhibit back up and running, so he donated $1 million dollars to build a state-of-the-art habitat for the hippos. The exhibit is now known as the Highland Capital Lodge.

In addition to his continuing work with the Dallas Zoo, Mr. Dondero has also made substantial donations to the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. Educational endeavors in the Dallas area have also received Mr. Dondero’s support.


In order to increase the impact of his philanthropic efforts, Mr. Dondero has formed a partnership with Mary Jalonick of the Dallas Foundation. Recently, they have worked together to assist The Family Place. This is a location that offers services to men who have suffered from domestic violence. In addition to its services at its physical location, The Family Place also maintains a hotline that offers support 24-hours a day seven days each week.

James Dondero has a budget of $3 million that he uses for his philanthropic projects. He is firmly committed to improving the north Texas area and making it a better place for all those who live in the community. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Fortress Investment Group facilitates investment

Fortress Investment Group is an established investment institution committed to providing credit and investment expertise to its clients all over the world. The organization was founded in 1998 to facilitate institutions and private investors with knowledge of investment.

The organization got formed on the values of professionalism, integrity, and transparency.T he organization has grown extensively since its inception to become among the world leaders in the provision of alternative asset management and investment solutions to millions of private investors and institutions. The organization has a team of dedicated staff who offer solutions based on facts and research.

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Careers and the nature of work at Fortress Investment Group

The company’s human resource department is dedicated to recruiting talented individuals ready to commit to the company’s work ethics and standards. The company promotes creativity and employees are given their time to work in a flexible schedule. Fortress Investment Group maintains an active website that shares information about the company and the available job opportunities.

The job vacancies found at Fortress Investment Group range from those about administration to those dealing with investment analysis. Some of the open positions that need to get filled include Commercial Real Estate Analyst. Qualified candidates can log into the company’s website or career website such as and apply for any position. The company does not discriminate people on any grounds.

Fortress Investment specializes in asset-based investing. The staff of the company has enough industry knowledge necessary to offer the best advice to clients. The company’s experience in the acquisition and management of physical, financial assets is unquestionable. The company operates in various industries such as the real estate and its ability to secure the assets with diversified long term cash flows give the clients the confidence to transact business. The company’s other areas of specialization include mergers and acquisitions where the company can partner with other companies and work with boards of directors to facilitate the process.

The acquisition of the company by Softbank Group

Softbank Group purchased Fortress Investment Group, but its operation will remain independent of the group’s activities. Softbank Group announced that the acquisition of Fortress would enable it to diversify its operations extensively.

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How James Dondero has been turning lives around in Dallas

In each society, some individuals dedicate themselves to making the community better through selfless giving, and for Dallas community, Entrepreneur and philanthropist, James Dondero is that individual. He has been working himself to the finger bone to better the lives of those who live within its boundaries.

Some of James’s philanthropic acts

Ever since James Dondero and his business partner Mr. Mark Okada moved their company, Highland capital management to Dallas in 1994, he has been heavily involved in charitable work, by making charity giving one of the firm’s primary missions. Even though Highland Capital operates on a global basis, James Dondero chose to make Dallas its primary beneficiary. To ensure that only the deserving organizations receive financial backing from Highland, James Dondero partnered with Mary Jalonick to form the Highland Dallas Foundation whose primary objective is to research about various charity organizations and point out those which are doing good work but require financial help. Through this foundation, James Dondero has helped support charitable activities in various areas, such as education, healthcare and even the Veteran community from Dallas. Some of the most notable beneficiaries include.

The Hippo habitat

This is one of James Dondero’s most recent charity projects. The Dallas Zoo had to close down its Hippo habitat a few years ago after one of the oldest hippos in the habitat passed away. It has however had the pleasure of opening it up after James Dondero donated to speed up its renovation. The new habitat, now named the Hippo outpost will now offer Dallas residents as well as those who come to visit the zoo the pleasure of special educational displays. James’s donation also enabled the development of the highland hippo hut.

Education is freedom

Most Dallas youth are often unable to pursue higher education due to the lack of funds. To ensure no one misses out; the Education is freedom organization offers a platform where such youths can receive mentorship and any other academic related help that they need to better their lives. James Dondero through highland capital supports the work done by this organization as well. Other charity bodies that he has helped keep afloat include Capital for kids, SMU tower scholars program and the family place among many others.

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Victoria Domarus’ Mission on Saving the Lives of Animals in New York

In the current world, the harsh realities sometimes can make you doubt humanity. These sentiments are held strongly by Victoria Domarus. She is a true testimony of the challenges and difficulties that exists in life. As a recovering addict, Victoria Domarus has embarked on a mission to help animals through proper care and love.

Victoria Domarus is a true and active supporter of the Best Friends Animal Society. The organization seeks to end the killings of animals in shelter with the use of community programs and close partnerships across the U.S. The main idea behind the concept is to save many animals.

The organization came to being in the early 80’s when shelters across the U.S randomly lynched animals in shelters to reduce the rising numbers of unwanted pets. This was at an alarming rate of close to 17 million animals annually.

The animals through the foundation were offered love and proper care by a group of friends. Some ended up in loving families while others remained in the sanctuary. This led to the formation of the Best Friends Animal Society as an NGO and part of an animal welfare society.

The belief that all animals need love and car is at the core of Victoria Domarus fight. Though the organization, they seek to stop the killing of animals across the animal shelters.

Currently, over 1600 animals are under medical care. The love and care is speared towards helping them overcome their troubled pasts. Everyone needs a little bit of love and care, and so do animals.

The NGO has an established network that brings together animal shelters while rescuing groups together across the U.S to carry out adoption programs, public education programs and fundraisers. Through these schemes, the organization is able to raise funds and awareness for the better of the lives of the animals.

The Best Friends Animal Society seeks the help of individuals through donations. The donations end up helping many animals across the sanctuary and the various animal rescue programs. There are also open volunteer opportunities across the New York are where individuals can apply.

Factors Affecting The Herbalife Stock Growth in 2019.

The future for the Herbalife stock is promising due to the company’s stock being popular and a preferred pick amongst prominent investors. While the industry faves a decline of 0.1% annually, the Herbalife stock is experiencing a 68.7 stock surge on the same basis. Herbalife Nutrition is a renowned fitness/ weight management and nutrition company that is gaining power in the stock market due to its global presence, improved volume in the key market, growing demand for healthy living and fitness products and its product portfolio. However, even with the company’s sturdy portfolio, the fluctuating currency poses a threat to its stock trading and the general performance of the Herbalife bull-run in 2019. Below are a number of factors that will affect the growth of the Herbalife Nutrition stocks in 2019.

Currently, the company is experiencing a steady growth in volume points with last year’s points raising by 15%, exceeding the Herbalife management projections for the year. The firm has also been witnessing a yearly growth in volume points since 2012, with the points stated above being the second highest in the same year. The company’s marketing strategies, to keep up with the growing needs and demands from their clients, are working since Herbalife’s volumes indicates a double digits growth in almost all of the top five markets for a second time.

The Herbalife product portfolio includes energy, sports, fitness and weight management products. The company keeps diversifying it’s product portfolio to fully cater for their clients growing needs in order to expand their market reach as well as maintained their clients. The products portfolio has placed the company at a better position to establish their global presence. In the last quarter, the company introduced about 58 products across its market reach which further promoted the company’s growth. The company’s global presence is felt in over 94 countries worldwide enforcing its geographical presence.


Issues With Currency Fluctuations.

With such a wide global presence, the company is exposed to adverse currency changes. Currency headwinds are expected to weigh in and debt the fourth quarter as they did in the third quarter. With the company’s strategy to expand and strengthen their global presence as well as developing a reliable direct-selling network, the company expects to boost their performance and move over the above-mentioned hurdles.


A Condition Solution For All Hair Types

Finding the perfect product for your unique hair type can be an uphill battle that some people never win. Shampoos can be drying and contain harsh sulphates, while conditioners can leave hair heavy or oily. Wen by Chaz Dean is a haircare line created specifically to address these challenges with which so many women struggle. The unique formula is suitable for all hair types, regardless of condition or texture, and it leaves the hair silky and soft.

Wen, which was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, was founded in Los Angeles and focuses on incorporating healthy, natural ingredients in their products in response to the harsh and drying ingredients found so many of today’s haircare lines. Rather than using a traditional shampoo and conditioner regimen, Wen by Chaz Dean offers a cleansing conditioner that both cleans and moisturizes the hair, eliminating the need for shampoo. These cleansing conditioners come in a variety of formulas such as Fig, Sweet Almond, and Lavender, each of which target a unique hair need. The website also offers mousses, hydrating masks, glossing serums, and other styling products.

Chaz Dean has put over 25 years of experience into creating his unique line of products as an answer to the problems women face daily with their hair. From thick, kinky curls to baby-fine, stick-straight strands, Wen’s products can transform a problem coif into a healthy, beautiful head of hair that will turn heads for all the right reasons. If you find your hair limp, lackluster, and dull, Wen by Chaz Dean may be just what you need to breathe new life into your locks. Wen hair care products are available on Amazon.


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Rebel Wilson and Isn’t it Romantic

Isn’t it Romantic is a romantic comedy due out in the United States on Valentine’s Day 2019. The film is also set to be released on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

When the movie begins, we have a young Natalie, played by Rebel Wilson, who is told by her mother that reality is not going to be that she finds a prince charming who will sweep her off her feet like in Pretty Woman.

Natalie is an architect from Australia who moved to New York City to take a job. At the Subway station, someone who appeared to be interested in her grabs her purse. When she fights the mugger and grabs her bag back, she runs into a pull and becomes knocked out.

After she comes to, she realizes everything in New York City has changed. These changes include changes to her apartment. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She tried to dial 911 but was unsuccessful in reporting an emergency that someone had broken into her apartment and changed everything. It does not take her long to realize her life has become a PG-13 romantic comedy. When Natalie realizes it is a romantic comedy she also realizes she must get a man to fall in love with her before she can go back to reality.

Natalie develops two love interests. One is with Liam Hemsworth; the other is her co-worker. The love interests do not know about each other. When the movie opens on Valentine’s Day 2019, it appears like it will be a funny and romantic movie.

Rebel Wilson was born in Australia on March 2, 1980. She graduated high school from an all-girls school. Her mother was an experienced dog handler. After high school, she went on to college. She earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of New South Wales in Australia. She received a scholarship sponsored by Nicole Kidman to attend a theater study in the United States. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

She did not formally move to the United States until 2011. When she did, she moved to the Los Angeles area of California. She has several upcoming projects to her name. She is a writer, producer, and actress along with a singer. Rebel Wilson is a busy lady. For being only 39, she keeps herself busy, and we plan to see much more of her in the upcoming years.

Wilson is not married. She did live with her Bridesmaid co-star for awhile. The relationship lasted three years. She is not currently dating anyone either. Rebel signed up to be the weight loss giant Jenny Craig’s spokesperson in Australia. She did this in 2011.

Wilson has been nominated for several awards following her performances. She won a few of these nominations. The best performance she has given so far was for Pitch Perfect. It is going to be exciting to watch for her to be nominated for her performance in Isn’t it Romantic.

She was named as one of the up and coming actresses to watch in 2011. She has certainly proven herself worthy.