Krishen Iyer-Internet Marketing Guru

Krishen Iyer is a renowned entrepreneur in the insurance marketing circles. He is also very well versed with insurance policies and thus serves as an insurance consultant. He founded a company known as quick link marketing. He also got some other investments in dental health and its insurance too.

Iyer says that he is always dedicated to his clients and perseveres in the industry to provide the best services to his client. There are quite a number of many more companies under his name.


He began his ventures in the year 2002 even before graduating from university in the year 2004. He attained a bachelor’s in public relations from the university. It is by around this time when Krishen Iyer started the HIS insurance company and continued working on it till 2015 when he renamed the company “Name My Premium.” The company enjoyed a massive customer base and made it to the 5000 lists during the same year. He also runs a company by the name managed benefits. During his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and chess too.


In a recent interview, Kristen Iyer said that the idea to bring on board Managed Benefit Services was necessitated by the need in the marketplace. He says that there was simply no such a product in the market and thus decided that he would have to seize the opportunity and seal the hole in the market.


On how he spends his days, Krishen Iyer says that he is always too much engrossed in client interfacing and technical development. He has lots of efforts towards marketing. He says that his company is based on communication and it is through communication that most of his ideas have come to play. Marketing analytics is something that has taken the internet marketing by storm. It is something that still fascinates him up to date. Krishen Iyer says that through internet marketing, sending tailored messages to target audiences is now easier

PSI-Pay adopts and advances Fintech concepts

As the world gears up for technological solutions for virtually every sector, the financial sector has been hugely impacted in a positive way. Fintech encompasses the ideas that have been created incorporated into creating technologically advanced payment solutions. No other company has embraced and perpetrated the idea of Fintech more that PSI Pay. PSI Pay has come out strongly in support of the Fintech concepts by creating easily accessible payment solutions that are portable and adaptable enough for every customer out there.


One of the Fintech concepts that PSI Pay has adopted is the idea of using wearable payment devices. The wearable technology gives customers an opportunity to carry their payment devices around with ease and without the need to carry their wallets to shopping outlets. These devices which range in shape and sizes can be worn on wrists like wrist watches and are portable yet classic enough to be adopted as part of fashion.


PSI Pay has taken the whole concept of wearable wireless devices to a whole new level by creating wristbands that contain microchips that hold customer payment data. The idea ensures that customers can make payments in a contactless fashion as opposed to conventional payment devices which require swiping and keying-in of information.


Fintech companies including PSI Pay have also invested in the development of new peer-to-peer payment solutions which give customers the option of transferring their money from one electronic device to another. The payment model which is often encased and run on mobile phones give customers a real-time capacity to make payments at the touch of a button. This concept has eased and improved security when it comes to handling cashless payments. The fact that a customer is not required to carry their cash in their pockets has transformed the manner in which cashless payment models are made.


To intensify on the interoperability of the devices, Fintech companies have been working towards developing models that are capable of holding and processing huge quantities of data. Fast data processing enables the payment systems to process payments at a much faster rate, therefore achieving the level of convenience that fast shoppers need. When it comes to financial payment technology solutions in the modern-day world, PSI Pay has been a reputable leader.

The Rise of Aloha Construction

There are hundreds of high-quality general contractors in the United States today, and Aloha Construction just so happens to be on the list. This general contractor has a forte for providing a vast range of home improvement services. Dave Farbaky, founder of the company, has helped to turn AC into a huge success. His vision and ambition has inspired the company’s home-improvement technicians to provide the very best possible work. It would be extremely hard trying to find another general contractor that will cover a geographical area that’s immense in size. Aloha Construction covers most of Southern Wisconsin as well as all of Illinois.


The company now has a second location in Bloomington, Illinois. Of course, this secondary office takes the stress away from the main company that’s headquartered hundreds of miles away in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Thanks to the company’s huge success, it has been able to grow at an astounding rate. In May 2018, AC will be focusing on interior design in conjunction with its exterior projects. This is a big step for the Illinois-based general contractor, but it perfectly fits in with what the company is already doing. The Midwest is no stranger to sever-weather situations, especially during certain months of the year. There is no need to worry because this licensed and bonded contractor will still offer protection via siding and roofing services. Every base seems to be fully covered.


“This year is all about making life as easy as possible for homeowners,” said Dave Farbaky, founder of AC. As of today, Aloha Construction has completed well-over 20,000 remodel jobs. Who would have ever thought that this small town company would make it to the big leagues?

Jeffery Aronin Helps Build Companies that Fight Rare Diseases Through Research and Development

Some people claim to have encountered angels. Whether this is true or a figment of their imagination remains the belief of the person that experienced it. However, what if angels walked among us in flesh and blood? Jeffery Aronin is described as one, having saved precious lives. The confessions of a parent with a dying epileptic son and the miraculous saving of a woman with a rare disease that had been misdiagnosed numerous times are a few stories that shed light on the efforts of Jeffrey Aronin.


Jeff Aronin discovered his passion for helping others early on his career while shadowing a physician. That experience became a calling and Aroin made it his personal mission to helping those suffering from rare or previously untreated diseases. He is a dedicated, compassionate, biotech Executive who goes the extra mile because he believes that every illness should have a cure. It is this mind-set that saw him establish his first company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Working with his team of dedicated experts they oversaw the approval of thirteen new drugs in an industry that often takes years to develop one drug.


More about Jeffery Aronin


He is a bioscience expert. He sold his first company Ovation Pharmaceuticals to a larger company in order to test the waters in wider research. Aronin currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, an incubator of startup Biotech companies whose primary focus is the treatment and development of therapies for rare and untreated diseases. 


Leading Managed Services Providers Provide Quality Healthcare Services To Thousands Of Beneficiaries

InnovaCare is a popular managed healthcare services provider based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. They provide Medicare and Medicaid services to over 246,000+ beneficiaries around the world, but they are seemingly, popular in Puerto Rico and North America. Richard Shinto, President and Executive Officer, says, he leads detailed oriented health care services to ensure the safety and well being of all of his clients. In fact, his colleague, Penelope Kokkindies, Chief Executive Officer, is there to back him every step of the way, putting the need of their beneficiaries first and competing in an ever changing, complex medical field.


Experience the benefits of being able to choose from two major health care plans that are operational under the original Medicare plan. They offer a MMM Healthcare plan and PMC Medicare choice for their beneficiaries. Their goal is to ensure that the needs of their beneficiaries always come first. Shinto, says, creating quality cost effective healthcare plans that benefit the true needs of his customers is their missionary goal. In fact, InnovaCare would like to add additional leadership professionals to bring fresh ideas to the executive board in favor of their beneficiaries. Penelope Kokkindies, will also play a major role in the additional leaders that are added to the InnovaCare team. Check out



It is also important for them to grow as an organization to benefit the needs of their clients and their stockholders. They feel that it is very important to provide quality services to compete with a competitive market. InnovaCare is willing to find a solution to tough challenges to ensure that their beneficiaries get the managed physician services that they need. They also wish to be a model for other managed health care providers that are interested in sustainability. Thus, they have a long list of strong physicians that are on their team. For more details visit



A clear vision is also important to ensure that the goals of their customers are met also. You get broad-oriented coverage through a detailed model. They rely on their decades of experience in the industry to shape their healthcare plans for their beneficiaries. There are over 200,000+ beneficiaries served through over 75,000 providers. InnovaCare is integrated with advanced technology and a commitment to transparency that keeps their customers consistent to their medical plans. You can become a part of the leading innovative InnovaCare managed provider services by visiting their website for more details on beneficiary information today.



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The Success Story of CVCs Co-Founder Guilherme Paulus

CVC, founded in 1972 at the municipality of Santo Andre, is a leading operator and travel agency which is headed by a group of executives. It has grown tremendously from a small travel agency to become the largest travel agency in Latin America as well as the largest Brazil’s retail tourism network. It wouldn’t have been that much successful if not for the leadership of the co-founder and businessman Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration and he has a remarkable experience of 50 years in the tourism industry. Together with his colleague, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, they founded the CVC in 1972. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin account.

Paulus has, for the last 45 years, been part of the growth of CVC to become the successful company it is now. He, among others, applied innovative and collaborative strategies that saw the company’s products and services diversified. As compared to the traditional travel packages, their portfolio of products is very wide.

In 2009, part of CVC was sold to the Carlyle Group. This happened when Guilherme Paulus expected the support of a global investment fund that would see the company grow bigger and promote tourism. The company went further to open its capital on the stock exchange in 2013. Currently, CVC earns R $5.2 billion revenue annually, annual growth rate of about 99%. It also has plans to open new hundred stores per year.

Guilherme Paulus’s company is big enough that it is available in more than 400 malls in Brazil as well as 140 hypermarkets and commercial galleries. The company opened stores in areas with a population of less 60 thousand people in a plan to explore into markets that has not been taped into. This venture is called internalization. Moreover, the venture works hand in hand with the less known Omni Channel concept which integrates virtual stores and buyers.

Well, it is worthy knowing that Paulus is recognized internationally for his contribution to the tourism sector and currently, he is the chairman of the GJP Group. Moreover, he chairs the board of directors of the Sao Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. At the same time, he is the vice president of International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV).