Class Dojo Revolutionizes The Communication Gap

Creating a unique avatar character that is customized to each child’s preferences sounds like fun right? Imagine if there was so much more to that avatar. This is not just some basic game that kids are playing in schools across the nation. ClassDojo is innovating the way that parents, teachers and students connect and communication. These avatars are called Dojo’s and they are proudly displayed on smart boards from coast to coast. Each child can view their dojo throughout the day and see first-hand the positive points they are receiving as an individual and as a class.

This app is free to download on any smart device and can also be accessed via laptop or desk top computer. Each teacher creates a password and sign in information and emails that information to each parent or guardian of students in the classroom. Parents can create the free account and log in to view their child’s personal dojo character. Throughout the day points are given for personal achievements and good behavior. Points can also be removed as consequences. An example of positive points awarded would be “one point given for helping a classmate find a lost object” or “one point given for showing leadership in the hallway” a point removed may come across as “one point removed for a missing homework assignment”. Parents will be able to log in and view these points. After school a parent can then open the doors to communication and say “I noticed you forgot to hand in an assignment today; can you tell me about this?”

Parents are also able to message teachers directly through the ClassDojo app. Teachers can upload pictures of special events and experiments as well as short video clips. Working parents who may not be able to volunteer in a class room can now feel as though they are part of the class room experience through these pictures and videos. ClassDojo is revolutionizing the communication gap between teachers, parents and students in class rooms all across the United States.

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