How and Where OSI Group has Implemented their Expansion Strategies

OSI Group is a premier global food provider renowned for its consistent provision of exceptional food solutions through rigorous product development and processing. The company aims at delivering value and quality at an affordable price through the application of rationalized processes and optimized costs. OSI Industries main focus is on satisfying their customers and expansion both in domestic and international markets. The company’s main strategies for expansion are mergers and acquisitions. Below are some of the companies OSI has purchased and acquired to expand their business both locally and globally.

  • In the year 2017, OSI Group purchased Tyson foods plant in Chicago expecting to increase company’s production capacity and satisfy all their customers in the region. There was an increasing demand for OSI’s products in North America, and with this expansion most probably the company could satisfy the market.
  • In the year 2016, OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe expecting to reach more of their customers in the United Kingdom among other places in Europe. After some time, the company was renamed from Flagship Europe to Creative Foods Europe to help describe the services and products of the company. The food plant in the UK distributes frozen poultry, pies, sauces and dressings for food service. This acquisition is expected to significantly improve the company’s market position in the region and also improve the services they offer in the current market.
  • OSI Group also expanded their operation in Toledo, Spain with the aim of boosting their poultry production in the region. Previously they had an output of about 12,000 tons per annum, but after a new food solution plant was established, the output can go up to about 24,000 tons every year. The plant therefore improved annual output of pork, beef and chicken products to about 45,000 tons per annum. Apart from increased output in Toledo, the company can now enjoy better facilities for refrigeration and receiving among other operations.
  • OSI Group also acquired Baho Food, a company that produces snacks and deli meats, which gets marketed in Germany and Netherlands. The main aim of acquiring this company was to improve their market position in the Netherlands and some regions in Europe where Baho Food has been serving. Baho’s product portfolio is strong enough to help OSI satisfy the evolving needs of customers in the region. All these purchases and acquisitions by OSI Group has greatly improved its presence in Germany, Netherlands and 18 European nations.

Paul Mampilly: American Investor & Former Hedge Fund Manager

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager and American investor who has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News in various times. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a typical investment newsletter where he applies his experience, knowledge, and skills that he acquired from Wall Street as the insider to mentor over 130,000 followers into stocks that are known to shoot higher. Apart from writing Profits Unlimited, Mampilly manages four other elite trading services: True Momentum, The $10 Million Portfolio, Extreme Fortunes, and Rapid Profit Trader.

Mampilly was born in India and came to the United States while he was a young person, and after a short while, he joined the Wall Street ranks. With more than 25-years experience within the investment world, he began his profession in 1991 at Bankers Trust working as an assistant portfolio manager. From that time, Paul Mampilly rose to great positions where he was responsible for handling multimillion dollar accounts for ING and Deutsche Bank. He also managed funds for the Royal Bank of Scotland, a private Swiss bank, and Sears.

Paul Mampilly was born in a small village in India in 1933 at a time when the country was low economically, and people used to die of hunger daily. Fortunately, his mother died while he was just three years and while Mampilly was age 20, his father died. It’s known that even when his father secured a job in Bombay, India’s biggest City, he was not able to support his family well. Luckily, Paul Mampilly was able to pursue his education in college.

Mampilly has used his education well particularly his MBA which he pursued in Fordham University. He gained vital positions in key legal organizations while he continued to gain experience and knowledge. Several multi-billion dollar corporations were able to identify his capacity and were not hesitant to observe him as their employee. One good example is Kinetics Asset Management where he managed the company’s hedge fund and made the company assets to reach $25 billion. According to the organizations’ leadership, that was among the best performance in the organization.

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Class Dojo Revolutionizes The Communication Gap

Creating a unique avatar character that is customized to each child’s preferences sounds like fun right? Imagine if there was so much more to that avatar. This is not just some basic game that kids are playing in schools across the nation. ClassDojo is innovating the way that parents, teachers and students connect and communication. These avatars are called Dojo’s and they are proudly displayed on smart boards from coast to coast. Each child can view their dojo throughout the day and see first-hand the positive points they are receiving as an individual and as a class.

This app is free to download on any smart device and can also be accessed via laptop or desk top computer. Each teacher creates a password and sign in information and emails that information to each parent or guardian of students in the classroom. Parents can create the free account and log in to view their child’s personal dojo character. Throughout the day points are given for personal achievements and good behavior. Points can also be removed as consequences. An example of positive points awarded would be “one point given for helping a classmate find a lost object” or “one point given for showing leadership in the hallway” a point removed may come across as “one point removed for a missing homework assignment”. Parents will be able to log in and view these points. After school a parent can then open the doors to communication and say “I noticed you forgot to hand in an assignment today; can you tell me about this?”

Parents are also able to message teachers directly through the ClassDojo app. Teachers can upload pictures of special events and experiments as well as short video clips. Working parents who may not be able to volunteer in a class room can now feel as though they are part of the class room experience through these pictures and videos. ClassDojo is revolutionizing the communication gap between teachers, parents and students in class rooms all across the United States.

Sheldon Lavin Plays A Major Role In The Success Of OSI Group

A visionary leader is like an asset to an organization. Well, as for Sheldon Lavin, he has been the CEO of OSI Group for over four decades, and his input as a leader can only be termed as invaluable. As much as OSI Group has been able to thrive under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company has also had a remarkable history. The history of the company showcases that it started out as a butcher shop before turning out to be a leading company in the food provisions sector.

Background Information

At first, Otto Kolschowsky was the man in charge of handling butcher shop that he had established in 1909. Later on, the business was growing, and he saw it fit to engage his sons thereby turning the business into a family entity. The family enterprise was known as Otto & Sons. With time, the sons of Otto were able to learn the basics about the business, and in turn, the business was running smoothly.

Since Otto & Sons was a revered food processing company back in the day, they were tasked with supplying freshly ground meat to the McDonald’s restaurant joints. Well, the McDonald’s entity was booming fast, and Otto & Sons had to keep up the pace. Nevertheless, there came a time when they had to transport meat products to some McDonald’s joints that were miles away from their processing plants. The distance was the main hurdle since the products need to be delivered while still fresh.

Additional Information

With time, Otto & Sons were able to set their eyes on a solution that involved preserving meat products using liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen would flash freeze the various fresh goods and keep them in a frozen state. That worked out well, and Otto & Sons were still in business as usual. While still expanding their enterprise, Otto & Sons decided to build more food processing plants. Nevertheless, they were in need of more finances to complete one of the plants that were meant to serve the McDonald’s restaurant fully.


In the midst of this crisis, Otto & Sons were assisted by Sheldon Lavin to gain access to funds that in turn came in handy in completing the construction of the plant. Since Otto’s sons were about to retire, they had to make sure that the organization was left under the care of a visionary leader. Well, Sheldon Lavin was granted the position of Chief Executive Officer within the company since he had his way around finances and he had helped Otto & Sons to gain access to some funds at a certain period. Additionally, after the leadership structure in the organization was reshuffled, the company was rebranded as OSI Group.

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Rocketship Education CEO Responds To Unfair Media Coverage

The controversial subject of charter schools shows little sign of leaving the media agenda in the near future. One member of the education sector who has refused to accept his nonprofit being maligned in the press is Rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith. The CEO and former public school system educator were prompted to respond following the publication of a blog by NPR writer Anya Kamenetz many journalists stated was unbalanced in its coverage of life at a Rocketship Education campus.

Rocketship Education has a long history of achieving success in terms of building brighter links between community members and educating students to reach their maximum potential. The CEO was also a founding partner in the nonprofit organization which is based in San Jose, California where the first school opened in a Church hall. Finding inspiration for the development of Rocketship Education was easy for Preston Smith and his fellow founder, John Danner as the duo hoped to assist low-income students in some of the poorest parts of San Jose.

A major sticking point for Preston Smith and his fellow leaders at Rocketship Education was the use of language within the NPR article. Throughout the article, Rocketship Education was referred to as a company, instead of being referred to as a nonprofit or organization. Preston Smith was obviously keen for Rocketship Education not to be confused with any for-profit group entering the educational sector.

Preston Smith was not limiting his response to an unbalanced view of Rocketship Education alone but hoped to put right any assertions the entire charter school sector. The NPR blog used anecdotal evidence from a parent pleased with their Rocketship Education experience and one unhappy parent. Preston Smith stated his belief the entire charter school sector should not be judged from the word of two parents without the reasons behind the success of the sector being explored.

Francisco Domenech of Politank Reiterates the Value of Honesty at Work

Honesty is a virtue. But all too often, people underestimate politician’s ability to be honest. In fact, it has always been concluded that all politicians are dishonest. According to Francisco Domenech, this is not true because as a politician, he has always been honest not only at his work place but even when dealing with acquaintances. In an interview with IdeaMensch, he says that honesty is a crucial virtue that should be upheld by many especially the ones in politics. Read more about Francisco Domenech at


Francisco Domenech is a managing partner serving at Politank. This is a government affairs firm that focuses in the development of strategies instigated to represent people’s interests in government forums. He plays a crucial role in democratic politics as well. For education, Francisco Domenech attended the University of Puerto Rico and received a degree in political science. He also attained a Juris Doctor from the same Law School. Over the years he has been involved in democratic campaigns where he oversaw voter registration, policy development, campaign management, and fundraising.


Between 2003 and 2004, he worked as a volunteer for Governor Pedro Rossello during his gubernatorial campaign. Francisco Domenech was in charge of the platform as well as opposition research activities and field organizing. Between then and 2012, he oversaw different voter registration activities with the intention of successfully overseeing the campaign process in Puerto Rico. In his tenure, he worked in various presidential legislative campaigns not only in Texas but also Puerto Rico. Apart from that, he worked as the director in charge of legislative services in Puerto Rico. This department handles legal research and translation services among others.

Additional Roles

In 2016, Domenech supported Hillary Clinton in her quest for presidency. In 2008, he was a co-chair person in Clinton’s presidential campaign. Other crucial roles he has played as a leader include serving as the deputy state coordinator for Clinton.

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The End of ATMs?

My father used to say that the ATM was the world’s best invention, but in the UK at least, this once ubiquitous piece of technology seems to be on the decline. According to PSI-Pay, one of the UK’s leading payment services providers, the rise in contactless payments, such as Point-of-Service (POS) transactions has resulted in a decrease in the number of cash machines in service in the country. The company believes this due mostly to consumers using contactless payment methods for minor purchases, not just bigger ticket items.


PSI-Pay believes that another factor has been a reduction in the authorized ATM usage fee, which is making operating cash machines less profitable. In fact, 97% of UK cash machines charge no fee at all. The government has plans for another fee cut, which could make it even more difficult for independent ATM operators to continue to provide services, especially in rural areas.


According to PSI-Pay, the rise in debit card use, which is now the country’s most popular payment method, has coincided with an increase in the number of free ATMs, which makes no sense. Although decommissioning ATMs in heavily urban areas may be a good thing, there is a fear that rural communities may find themselves without cash machines.


The heart of the problem is that the business model for independent ATM machines simply does not work any longer. Of course, people still use cash, but the trend toward wireless transactions for even small amounts means that the technology, while not obsolete, has been partially supplanted. TV didn’t replace movie theaters, but in some places there are much fewer of them than there once were. It is likely that ATMs will become part of public infrastructure in the future.


PSI-Pay Ltd. is a leading electronic payment services firm based in West Sussex. The company is regulated as an e-money provider by the FCA. They provide pre-paid debit cards throughout the European Economic Area. In addition to their main office in the UK, PSI-Pay also maintains a location in Riga, Latvia.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran: Businessman, writer, motivational speaker and Founder of QI Group

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a multi-talented man; he is a motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur, writer and a philanthropist. He is the founder of an assorted multi-business, QI Group of Companies which has subsidiaries all over the globe. His company deals with retail selling, education, hospitality, direct selling and financial services. He established QNET, which is a flagship of QI in 1998, with a vision to integrate the sales power force of the internet with that of peoples direct selling.

He says that he combined the traditional direct selling which is tested and proven with the e-commerce model which was relatively new and an emerging trend. Dr. Eswaran started his business journey from zero, with no funding, friends in high places or massive experience. He has always been a highly motivated person, and he says he could not envision himself working for someone else. Therefore he knew from a very young age, that he had to become an entrepreneur and take control of his destiny.

As a writer, Vijay shares his life principles and experiences in his acclaimed books. He is the author of Two Minutes from The Abyss, in which he offers valuable lessons on how to live and perceive life. In this book, he outlines his eleven rules of confrontation, and how to push you to the maximum. The book asserts that everyone is usually two minutes from the abyss in a lot of different ways.

According to Vijay Eswaran, he loves to read. It is a practice that was installed in him at a tender age. He says that writing these books is his way of him giving back to the reading community has benefited enormously from it. Dr. Eswaran says he is excited by the direction his company and partners are taking, in ensuring they remain successful.

QI Group has interest in many sectors in Malaysia and education is one of them. They have established a university which they hope to develop into a first-class university with state of the art facilities. Eswaran says that they aim to engineer a QI City that will house a permanent campus, residential apartments, hostel blocks, a teaching hospital and a shopping complex. He says they hope to establish a green college that will massively reduce pollution and provide an eco-friendly environment.

More about Dr. Vijay Eswaran

He was born in Penang on October 7th, 1960. He attended London School of Economics and attained a degree in socio-economics. He has worked as an information systems engineer in North Asia and North America. He is the founder of the RHYTHM foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. He is a family man and is married to Umayal Eswaran