Jeremy Goldstein Is The Compensation Expert Who Is Overseeing Company Knockout Options

For the majority of companies around the United States today, new incentive options are rolling out for employees. In the past, stock options were the way to go for most companies, but this has become an increasingly difficult problem to deal with when it comes to compensating employees. Not only are stock options more costly to companies, but they are not a sure thing for the employees. Should a companies stock value decrease, so does an employees incentive, which causes many problems when employees are losing money. Jeremy Goldstein, a leading compensation lawyer in New York, has worked heavily on this topic and says knockout options are most likely the best course of action for all corporations.


These new options will eliminate the need for companies to give out stock options that are a lengthy and costly process while offering employees a higher salary in most cases. Jeremy runs one of the leading compensation law firms in the country today, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. With all the years of experience that Jeremy has worked as a lawyer in compensation, he has found that most employees actually prefer higher paychecks than increased incentives in the form of stocks.


Jeremy has laid out the benefits and cons of these knockout options for employees and companies in various articles on the web. They go into more specific detail on what employees can expect when trying to find jobs at companies offering new forms of compensation. This process is actually easy, as it shows a clear growth pattern to employees should they join a company. While Jeremy Goldstein has expressed there are a few concerns that come along with these knockout options, such as placing all of the power in the hands of the corporations on how they will compensate and when these concerns are minor compared to the benefits. All executives and management should be held accountable for their actions, and the penalty of law applies to any individuals who attempt to abuse these knockout options for their own benefit. Learn more:

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