Felipe Montoro Jens Leads Rio de Janeiro Educational Initiative

Rio de Janeiro is attempting to expand its child education network. It hopes this initiative will create around 130 new schools for 20,000 daycare children, 12,000 preschoolers, and 32,000 kindergarteners by 2020. This massive project will be led by the company, International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, who will provide the consulting services for the project. IFC and this entire project are led by Felipe Montoro Jens. To the end of this project, IFC will facilitate a cooperation between the Brazilian government and a private company in what is known as a Public-Private Partnerships.

The company they will recommend will be responsible for all design, building, financing, operating, and maintaining of the project. This long-term, lucrative contract will also further require the partner company to be responsible for all cleaning, reception, surveillance, and utility management. For its part, the municipality will be responsible for hiring the school faculty and the daily school programs. This is something that has been done before, with a law instituted in 2004 to regulate the bidding and contracting rights of these PPPs. Read this article for more info.

The PPP concept was put into place at that time because the government foresaw the need to get the help of private companies in the ensuing years to help address the lack of various kinds of needed resources accessible to people throughout Brazil. The city had a similar educational drive in 2012 which was also led by Jens. Prior to taking office in his current term, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella, promised to get this present educational initiative underway.

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