Igor Cornelsen Leverages his Unparalleled Expertise in Investment Banking to Provide Evidence-based Investment Advisory

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and entrepreneur who work with Bainbridge Group. At Bainbridge, his focus is in stock market investment together with commodity and foreign exchange. Cornelsen spends most of his time playing golf and offering consulting services to potential investors.

Cornelsen and Bainbridge Group

Cornelsen is the CEO of Bainbridge Group. He is a staunch believer that long-term investments are more beneficial and require much dedication. At Bainbridge, He advises investors to invest in damaged shares. This is because they stabilize with time and having been bought at a slightly low cost, they fetch immense profits.

Cornelsen also advises people to invest in countries such as China and Brazil. According to Igor Cornelsen, the Chinese economy is similar to the Brazilian economy. To successfully trade with foreign countries, Cornelsen insists that one must find out his business rivals. Having been in the business for too long, he has devised strategies that are meant to earn investors over 500% in returns. Cornelsen investment strategies have been tested and proven to be effective.

Cornelsen believes in utilizing one stock investment in several companies. This is because it is easier to get returns. Putting all your investments in one company is risky due to economic recessions and market shifts. Additionally, diversification minimizes losses and increase chances of generating profits. Read more on wikidot.com about Igor Cornelsen

Cornelsen’s gives insights on how to succeed in the Brazilian banking industry

The Brazilian banking sector underwent a series of fluctuations and recorded a significant reduction in profits due to the economic recession of 2014. Igor Cornelsen was one of the bankers who played an instrumental role to ensure such a crisis will never happen again. His advice to investors includes:

  1. Know and understand the key players in the Brazilian banking industry. Igor Cornelsen advises investors to identify and invest in leading commercial and investment banks. He encourages them to conduct intensive research and find out how these institutions are performing before putting their hard-earned money in them.
  2. Change is good if it results to positive economic reforms. Be on the lookout for other partners interested in the country you choose to invest your money. China is an example of a country whose economic status is stable.
  3. Pay attention to the country’s currency. Cornelsen advises investors to consider the currency value of the nation they are considering to invest their resources. View:http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1122009



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