The Significant Roles Of Dr. David Samadi In The Medical Sector

Dr. David Samadi is a certified medical doctor working at Lenox Hill Hospital. He holds different posts as a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, for instance, Dr. Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and also the Chairman of Urology Department. These posts have enabled him to be well established and recognized in the medical sector. However before he ended up working at Lenox Hill Hospital, he has worked with different medical institutions and served top positions. For example, he has worked with the Mt Sinai School of Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and much more. Following his great ambition, focus and hard work he became the highest paid medical doctor in New York.

His great success is also as a result of his excellent academic results. He has studied at different schools, in different states. For instance, he has had an opportunity to study in Belgium, London, and New York states respectively. This is for primary and secondary education. Dr. David Samadi has also attended stony brook university whereby he attained his degree in biochemistry. He also earned M.D from the same university. Moreover, Dr. David did not stop there he, however, continued his education in different courses, for instance, he did proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Urology at Montefiore medical center, Robotic radical prostatectomy at Henri Mondor hospital and much more.


Following Dr. David Samadi working at Lenox Hill Hospital, he has managed to improve the lives of the local people and those from different places who seek the services of the hospital. Dr. David together and his team has uplifted the status of the Lenox Hill Hospital to an international hospital which has resulted to attracting many people from different states. Despite Mr. Samadi being a doctor he is also a professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ school of medicine and also hosts a show known as the Sunday Housecall. The show mainly concerns health and proper living.

His show Sunday Housecall covers various issues concerning the health of a human being and the possible diseases that affects the human body. For instance, he has invited various specialized doctors who give advises on the various deadly disease that affects people. For example, he has invited doctors such as Doctor Doris Day who is a certified dermatologist, Dr. Cynara comer who is the chief surgery for breast cancer. Dr. David also talks about prostate cancer a deadly disease that mainly affects men. He offers the possible causes of prostate cancer, preventive measures, and the possible treatment. The show mainly helps individuals live a healthy and quality life.

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