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Many companies in the latest years have ceased providing their employees with stock related options. The major problems that influence companies to curtail the above benefits include;

  1. The value of stock sometimes drops significantly that makes it difficult for companies’ employees towards exercising their options.
  2. Many companies have become cautious of this method of payment or rather compensation.
  3. Stock options complicate accounting and burdens become very heavy. Many employees will consider this option as invaluable.


Stock options have got so many advantages that were raised by Jeremy Goldstein.

  1. The compensation is very simple for employees. Very preferable when it comes to employees payments. They feel being considered as part and parcel of the team. These staffs understand the issue of stock options.
  2. They help boost the personal earnings and therefore making employees work towards the achievement of a company. They work hard to increase their stock options.
  3. When businesses provide shares other that options according to Jeremy Goldstein, it becomes extremely difficult to tax-wise. He says that revenue for internal service becomes difficult when supplying employees with equity.

Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein cites certain solutions regarding stock options issuance and compensation.

  1. A company interested in providing stock options to individuals, it can apply for the above benefits as mentioned above.
  2. The best solution is to embrace a barrier called a knockout. It has disadvantages too. It might lose its value when the value of shares falls below specific amounts.
  3. The knockout mechanism can reduce initial accounting costs when the stock is comparatively volatile.

There are also several considerations that should be considered during the employees knockout options. They do not solve all the related problems and it’s therefore important to communicate with the auditors on how they supplied these options to the employees. Another consideration that Jeremy thinks is important is the issue of time. They benefit after waiting for more than 6 months. Otherwise, these replacements may later turn out to have a negative impact on these quarterly financial statements.

Jeremy Goldstein to conclude is a legal advisor with over 20 years of experience as a business lawyer. He has many corporations which he offers legal business advice and has been trusted as one of the best lawyers. He is the founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldenstein & Associates that focus on advising companies on compensations benefits. He is truly conversant with employees’ benefits and compensations.


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