What Gregory Aziz And K&S Potash Can Do

Have you ever sat in your vehicle at a train crossing and wondered what was in the rail cars passing by? Where they came from? Where they were going? Rail shipments can be interesting to find out about as rail transportation is still a major cog in the global transportation wheel. For example, last year National Steel Car won the contract to produce 500 rail cars for K&S Potash Canada GP. Five hundred rail cars is a substantial amount, and the product that K&S makes is an important haul.


Potash is a mined mineral that ends up, 95% of the time, as a fertilizer meant to enrich soils that are potassium deficient. It is hard to grow anything in soils that have low potassium levels, so the majority of these shipments are earmarked for developing countries overseas. What this means for Greg Aziz and company is that the work of producing these rail cars is very important for the quality of life for many people thousands of miles away. Go To This Page for additional reads.


The rail transport would begin at the mines where the raw product first comes from, ending up most of time at Port Moody BC where it would be loaded onto container ships destined for international ports. On the other side of the ocean where these other ports are, rail transport is also used, in cars that Gregory J Aziz and company may very well have made, to get the product to its final destinations.


This supply chain makes two very good points. One, important shipments such as this take time. Even when the modes of transport are substantially larger than the average. Secondly, and on a more personal level, that line of 150+ rail cars pulled by 5 engines may be zipping past you at a high rate of speed. But know that what you see in the short time you see it is just a drop in the bucket compared to the entire trip they are making.


It may be a 5 or ten-minute inconvenience to you, but Gregory James Aziz can assure you of one thing. Many more people would be “inconvenienced” even more if that potash shipment did not make it to its final destination.


Source: https://www.steelcar.com/Greg-Aziz-welcome

Why buying Beneful at Walmart is the Right Choice

Beneful, a reference to the company motto of “Full of Goodness, has long been a favorite brand of dog owners everywhere for the high quality nature and affordability of their dog food. As one of the largest brands of dog food for sale, Beneful is available from many sources including online directly from the manufacturer as well as from a dizzying array of retailers. One of the best places to shop for Beneful dog food I Walmart. But why buy Beneful dog food at Walmart?

BenefulWalmart offers a full line of dog foods that can meet the needs of any dog throughout their life. As an example, Beneful sells a line of dog food for small dogs known as Incredibites, as well as other products for mature dogs, dogs that are gluten free and blends for dogs with stomach sensitiveness. Walmart, as the giant retailer that they are, sells a large variety of different flavorings and offerings that make for a quick one stop option, particularly for those with many dogs in their family.

Walmart also offers great prices on dog food and customers can find great deals both with the standard Beneful prices, as well as with coupon codes and discounts on Beneful products For example, a bag of Beneful’s original dog food of over thirty pounds retails at Walmart for less than $27. In addition, there are regularly listed manufacturer coupons available for Beneful dog food available on the Beneful website. Stop by and see some for the great deals available for Beneful dog food.

Finally, Walmart allows customers to shop in their extensive retail stores, or online through their online marketplace, often with free shipping to a store for pick-up or directly to the customer’s home. This provides buyers of Beneful food with a real advantage over shopping at online only distributors or those retailers without an online footprint.

Daniel Taub Will Be Credited For Strengthening The Bilateral Ties Between Israel And The U.K.

Daniel Taub, the Israeli-ambassador to the UK has had a remarkable career during the past few years he has been a diplomat in the UK. During his four year stint in his job, the trade between Israel and the U.K. doubled.

This fact is in the public domain and has led to the strengthening of the diplomatic ties between Israel and the U.K. After completing his four-year-tenure successfully; Daniel Taub is expected to resign this summer.

Daniel Taub’s tenure at the Israeli Embassy in the UK will be characterized by great milestones as far as the U.K. – Israeli diplomatic ties are concerned. The relationship that he helped establish has led to the deepening of links in different sectors such as education, business, and culture between the two countries.

During British Israeli Business Awards event, the British Secretary of State for Business indicated how the U.K. and Israeli are at good point regarding their diplomatic ties. In his words, the increasing trade between the two nations is now in a “golden era.”

The U.K. is home to over 300 Israeli enterprises as reported by the Israeli -Britain Chamber of Commerce. The trade between the two countries stands at a little over $5.5 billion per annum. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

Taub, who hails from the U.K. was appointed as the Israeli ambassador in the year 2011. His experience and expertise as a peace negotiator earned him the job. He has a record of negotiating for peace internationally and is on record to have traveled to the Northern Ireland to draw lessons from the situation there. Learn more about Daniel Taub:  http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/ and http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/

Several years before Britain’s biggest student leadership voted for the adoption of a boycott of Israel, Taub had already registered his concerns about the political atmosphere to Israeli students on some of UK’s colleges. He put administrators on high alert by making them ensure that those who were pro-Israeli would also be given the freedom to express their views.

In the year 2014, Daniel Taub defied George Galloway’s declaration that Bradford city was an “Israel-free zone.” He did so by visiting the city in contradiction to George’s statement.

Daniel was born in the year 1962 and went through the prestigious colleges in Oxford and London. He also graduated from the Havard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He relocated to Israel in the late 1980’s. Daniel Taub has also served the people of Israel in the capacity of combat medic in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

Jeremy Goldstein the Business Law Expert

Many companies in the latest years have ceased providing their employees with stock related options. The major problems that influence companies to curtail the above benefits include;

  1. The value of stock sometimes drops significantly that makes it difficult for companies’ employees towards exercising their options.
  2. Many companies have become cautious of this method of payment or rather compensation.
  3. Stock options complicate accounting and burdens become very heavy. Many employees will consider this option as invaluable.


Stock options have got so many advantages that were raised by Jeremy Goldstein.

  1. The compensation is very simple for employees. Very preferable when it comes to employees payments. They feel being considered as part and parcel of the team. These staffs understand the issue of stock options.
  2. They help boost the personal earnings and therefore making employees work towards the achievement of a company. They work hard to increase their stock options.
  3. When businesses provide shares other that options according to Jeremy Goldstein, it becomes extremely difficult to tax-wise. He says that revenue for internal service becomes difficult when supplying employees with equity.

Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein cites certain solutions regarding stock options issuance and compensation.

  1. A company interested in providing stock options to individuals, it can apply for the above benefits as mentioned above.
  2. The best solution is to embrace a barrier called a knockout. It has disadvantages too. It might lose its value when the value of shares falls below specific amounts.
  3. The knockout mechanism can reduce initial accounting costs when the stock is comparatively volatile.

There are also several considerations that should be considered during the employees knockout options. They do not solve all the related problems and it’s therefore important to communicate with the auditors on how they supplied these options to the employees. Another consideration that Jeremy thinks is important is the issue of time. They benefit after waiting for more than 6 months. Otherwise, these replacements may later turn out to have a negative impact on these quarterly financial statements.

Jeremy Goldstein to conclude is a legal advisor with over 20 years of experience as a business lawyer. He has many corporations which he offers legal business advice and has been trusted as one of the best lawyers. He is the founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldenstein & Associates that focus on advising companies on compensations benefits. He is truly conversant with employees’ benefits and compensations.


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