The Visionary Property Developer, Omar Boraie

According to Patch, it takes lots of effort to be prolific at something. Most achievements require unique skills, commitment, dedication, and the passion for one to stand out. The rule seems to apply in every area including the ever-changing property development sector. Even though many real estate and property development firms are in operation modern days, only a few of them are widely known. Their efforts are distinct and are geared towards development and construction of magnificent properties in addition to offering state-of-the-art services to clients. This is made possible under the leadership of able persons like Omar Boraie of Boraie Development a firm renowned for its magnificent work.

Boraie is a visionary business leader living his dream. Having an experience of over forty years in New Brunswick, he has been able to spot investment opportunities and gaps that require bridging. His golden hand of investment has been felt in The Aspire, a city that has become a home for deluxe residential and high rise buildings.

Omar Boraie heads Boraie Development. Over the years at the helm, he has had to deal with a myriad of pessimistic opinions from different people over this project. However, with his vision for New Brunswick at the back of his mind, that has never weighed him down. He dreamed of building it just like he had seen Europe as a scholar. He was driven by the need to develop the area, and sure to the word, he is now exceeding his expectations.

Omar Boraie currently conducts his business high up on the eighth floor. This simply shows the development that has occurred within a relatively short time. The area only has twenty-one buildings on the same block that were in despicable shape previously. Through his foresight, he purchased these buildings and his dream hit the tarmac. He built his first two projects, Tower One and Tower Two, which were exceeded by his third project on the residential property. That particular building is the tallest in the city with twenty-five stories and 121 housing units. With it, people began believing in him.

Omar is an immigrant from Egypt. He has lived in New Brunswick for over 40 years after he came in to pursue his Ph.D. in Chemistry. However, the real estate market in the area fascinated and inspired him, and not long after, he joined in the business. He has been the President of Boraie Development since 1986. The company has tremendously developed over time and currently nets annual revenues of more than $9 million and has an employee base of approximately 35 people. The company guarantees timely completion and success of all its projects.

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