Norman Pattiz Gives Listeners A New Podcast Network

Norman Pattiz is one of the most esteemed members of the radio industry, after all, he is the owner of one of the biggest radio networks in America. Norman Pattiz was the founder of Westwood One, which was one of the largest and most famous radio stations at the time. The station was responsible for broadcasting some of the biggest sporting events in America like the NFL and the Super Bowl. But with the dawn of digitalization, the radio began to witness a decline in listeners with more people opting to seek out mediums on the internet. In light of this, Norman Pattiz decided that it was time to revamp the company as establish something that was more in tune with the current times. He, therefore, decided to create PodcastOne, a network that offers listeners a wide range of podcast shows and channels.


Since its establishment, PodcastOne has grown tremendously and has a vast audience of people who tune into the podcasts every day. By collaborating with Hollywood celebrities, Norman Pattiz was able to give listeners different shows that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. This exclusiveness that PodcastOne offers is what has made it one of the biggest podcast networks in the country today.


PodcastOne is one of the countries only advertising driven podcast networks. Norman Pattiz wanted to make his podcasts as close to the radio as possible and therefore began to implement strategies to up its viewership and profits. Within the first few months of starting podcast one, Norman Pattiz got in advertisers to sponsor the programs that were being aired on the network, which facilitated the systems fast growth. But to get more advertisers, Norman Pattiz had to give advertisers a confirmation that the ads shown on the network do have a good recall rate. He, therefore, teamed up with Edison Research to conduct a market analysis on the ads that were being aired on the network. The results showed extremely positive results, with numerous brands having extremely high recall rates as a consequence of the podcast network.


To make the network more and more like the radio, Norman Pattiz had to do things that other podcast networks aren’t currently doing. He saw that one thing that podcasts nowadays don’t have is news updates which is one of the main reasons why people would listen to the radio. He, therefore, teamed up with the Associated Press to give listeners timely news updates while they listen to the shows on the network.

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