Hussain Sajwani ;Entrepreneur and the Founder of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the CEO of DAMAC Company which is a global property development firm. He started his career in GASCO as a contract manager immediately after he graduated from the University of Washington where he was awarded a degree in Economics. He worked in GASCO for a short while before starting his catering venture in 1982.

While doing the catering business, he discovered there was a growing influx of traders coming into Emirates to trade. Thus, he was among the pioneers of the property market expansion in Dubai.

It was while he was working on this venture that he established DAMAC Properties which is one of the top real estate businesses in the Middle East.

Donald Trump who is the President of the United States has been heard referring to Hussain Sajwani family in numerous occasions. That is because these two business gurus are heavily invested in the Real Estate business. In fact, Hussain Sajwani is one of the major partners that does business with the Triumph Organization.

Sajwani does not only have a business relationship with Trump but also a friendly one. His family has interacted with Eric, Donald Jr. as well as Trump’s wife Ivanka in corporate and social gatherings. When Trump was elected president, he left most of his businesses under the care of his eldest son.

Sajwani has said he is ready to continue working with Trump Organization and collaborate with the new management. Thus, the business relationship that Trump and Hussein Sajwani have is bound to carry on as they continue to venture into making luxurious properties in the Middle East.

The DAMAC group has its origin during the first war in Iraq; the company offered food services to the U.S. Army. However, the company diverted its primary focus on food service and now works on real estate properties. Sajwani,DAMAC Owner, says that the food business is still a fundamental part of DAMAC group.

Sajwani, through his company DAMAC, does not only focus on business and how to make profits but he also gives back to the society. In fact, in the year 2013, the company gave over AED two million to be used on clothing children who are needy.

The Visionary Property Developer, Omar Boraie

According to Patch, it takes lots of effort to be prolific at something. Most achievements require unique skills, commitment, dedication, and the passion for one to stand out. The rule seems to apply in every area including the ever-changing property development sector. Even though many real estate and property development firms are in operation modern days, only a few of them are widely known. Their efforts are distinct and are geared towards development and construction of magnificent properties in addition to offering state-of-the-art services to clients. This is made possible under the leadership of able persons like Omar Boraie of Boraie Development a firm renowned for its magnificent work.

Boraie is a visionary business leader living his dream. Having an experience of over forty years in New Brunswick, he has been able to spot investment opportunities and gaps that require bridging. His golden hand of investment has been felt in The Aspire, a city that has become a home for deluxe residential and high rise buildings.

Omar Boraie heads Boraie Development. Over the years at the helm, he has had to deal with a myriad of pessimistic opinions from different people over this project. However, with his vision for New Brunswick at the back of his mind, that has never weighed him down. He dreamed of building it just like he had seen Europe as a scholar. He was driven by the need to develop the area, and sure to the word, he is now exceeding his expectations.

Omar Boraie currently conducts his business high up on the eighth floor. This simply shows the development that has occurred within a relatively short time. The area only has twenty-one buildings on the same block that were in despicable shape previously. Through his foresight, he purchased these buildings and his dream hit the tarmac. He built his first two projects, Tower One and Tower Two, which were exceeded by his third project on the residential property. That particular building is the tallest in the city with twenty-five stories and 121 housing units. With it, people began believing in him.

Omar is an immigrant from Egypt. He has lived in New Brunswick for over 40 years after he came in to pursue his Ph.D. in Chemistry. However, the real estate market in the area fascinated and inspired him, and not long after, he joined in the business. He has been the President of Boraie Development since 1986. The company has tremendously developed over time and currently nets annual revenues of more than $9 million and has an employee base of approximately 35 people. The company guarantees timely completion and success of all its projects.

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Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Values People At The Business

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Food Group, a meat and precooked meal sales and distribution company based in Chicago. Lavin has been with OSI for over 40 years and has seen a lot of changes during this time, but he’s remained true to one thing. That is making people the most important part of his work and making sure every employee is taken care of. Lavin says the company wouldn’t be what it is without the employees who work so hard at their job, and Lavin has always tried to make them feel as though they’re part of a family. And Most people who start working at OSI Group stay for many years.

Sheldon Lavin didn’t have any idea that the food industry was going to be where his career would take off in. He began as an investment advisor in various banks and it appeared he would live out the rest of his career. But while running financial consulting services on the side, he met the Kolschowsky family who ran OSI or Otto & Sons as it was known at the time. The Kolschowsky’s had established a partnership with the McDonalds Corporation in the fast food industry and had done quite well on the meat production side, but they needed someone with the expertise in finance that Lavin had. With his input OSI Group was able to make good decisions on investing and growing their company.


Lavin started owning more shares in the company as the two Kolschowsky sons started retiring and selling their shares, and before long he was nominated to CEO. He decided it was time to make the company an international player in the food industry, so he started opening more meat processing plants in the Asian and African territories. OSI has made several notable acquisitions under Lavin’s leadership including the Flagship Europe company in the UK, and Baho Food based in the Netherlands. Lavin has also won awards such as Global Visionary Award, and the Globe of Honour given to all of OSI by the British Safety Council for upholding strong workplace and processing safety standards.

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EOS Lip Balm: Focused On Customer Needs Through Improvement

Today, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and introduce their products to the world. However, what most people don’t know is that starting a business and keeping it running takes more than passion and commitment. It entails learning the market and being unique in the plan. Sanjiv Mehra and his partners used the information they had gathered from dealing with consumer products to begin the EOS Lip Balm, a product that has given the bigwigs a run for their money.

In an interview, Mehra admits that at the beginning, their main focus was to come up with a product that would be accepted by their Target market. Not necessarily disclosing their information about the company was a way to show focus on the main thing, which was the product. After which, the company realized the buzz that came with the millennial. The target market is inclined to their celebrities, therefore, by having the likes of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus endorse them, and the company was assured of major sales.

Mehra adds that learning the target market is one of the steps to succeed especially in a saturated market. Despite having big players, focusing on the target market can give a company subtle and fine details about their comfort and needs. This makes it possible for a company to focus on the small details that the rivals overlook.

Additionally, coming up with a product should not be the end game. Most of these big companies are always looking to innovate and create more designs and improve ion the product. EOS lip balm ( had to undergo various changes in order to keep the consumers interested. Most consumers want to buy a product that keeps improving. This shows that they are always keen and ready to solve consumers’ problems and to satisfy their needs.

Norman Pattiz Gives Listeners A New Podcast Network

Norman Pattiz is one of the most esteemed members of the radio industry, after all, he is the owner of one of the biggest radio networks in America. Norman Pattiz was the founder of Westwood One, which was one of the largest and most famous radio stations at the time. The station was responsible for broadcasting some of the biggest sporting events in America like the NFL and the Super Bowl. But with the dawn of digitalization, the radio began to witness a decline in listeners with more people opting to seek out mediums on the internet. In light of this, Norman Pattiz decided that it was time to revamp the company as establish something that was more in tune with the current times. He, therefore, decided to create PodcastOne, a network that offers listeners a wide range of podcast shows and channels.


Since its establishment, PodcastOne has grown tremendously and has a vast audience of people who tune into the podcasts every day. By collaborating with Hollywood celebrities, Norman Pattiz was able to give listeners different shows that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. This exclusiveness that PodcastOne offers is what has made it one of the biggest podcast networks in the country today.


PodcastOne is one of the countries only advertising driven podcast networks. Norman Pattiz wanted to make his podcasts as close to the radio as possible and therefore began to implement strategies to up its viewership and profits. Within the first few months of starting podcast one, Norman Pattiz got in advertisers to sponsor the programs that were being aired on the network, which facilitated the systems fast growth. But to get more advertisers, Norman Pattiz had to give advertisers a confirmation that the ads shown on the network do have a good recall rate. He, therefore, teamed up with Edison Research to conduct a market analysis on the ads that were being aired on the network. The results showed extremely positive results, with numerous brands having extremely high recall rates as a consequence of the podcast network.


To make the network more and more like the radio, Norman Pattiz had to do things that other podcast networks aren’t currently doing. He saw that one thing that podcasts nowadays don’t have is news updates which is one of the main reasons why people would listen to the radio. He, therefore, teamed up with the Associated Press to give listeners timely news updates while they listen to the shows on the network.

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