British Prime Minister Theresa May Just Took The Official First Step In The Brexit Process

The word “Brexit” didn’t exist until June 2016. That’s when 53 percent of British voters told the European Union they had enough. The British were sick of sending millions of dollars to the EU every year. The Brits were angry because foreign workers from other member countries were taking jobs away from British citizens on And they were sick of the insane rules and regulations they had to accept in order to be a member of the EU. In short, the European Union may sound like a good idea, but bringing 28 different cultures and mindsets together to achieve common goals is almost impossible to do on a regular basis at Leaving the European Union is not something member countries want to do, especially countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy. If not for the EU, those countries would be in worse financial shape than they are now.

But the people of the United Kingdom had enough power and money to tell the EU to kiss them where the sun don’t shine. The Brexit process is officially in progress on Prime Minister Theresa May sent an eight-page letter to the president of the European Union Council on March 29, 2017. That letter is the beginning of the what some call the two-year exit from the EU. The EU calls the letter, Article 50. Now that Article 50 is in the hands of the EU Council, Britain can get serious about bilateral trade agreements with countries that are not members of the EU. Britain wants to develop a bilateral agreement with Mexico, China, South Korea, and Brazil, according to Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the president and CEO of the Sao Paulo building material manufacturer, Eucatex. Eucatex has four factories in the state of Sao Paulo, and all of them use renewable energy. The company is one of Brazil’s top exporters and an environmentally friendly business.

Flavio Maluf is an American-educated entrepreneur, and environmentalist. He became head of the 60-year-old family business in 1997. Flavio Maluf transformed the family business into an international building material supply company. Eucatex brands are sold in home improvement stores in North America, and Maluf wants more brand recognition in the U.K.

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