The Making of Real Estate Developer, Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an American based businessman and entrepreneur. He is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC. In 1995, Todd pivoted to real estate industry. It had become apparent to him that his desire to help other people and his knowledge of the real estate sector would help him achieve much more while in the industry. His first point of entry into the industry was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In this institution, he learned the model of conventional mortgage banking. While in this enterprise, he focused on building relationships with real estate agents, brokerage firms, and insurance agents. Today, these relationships have proven to be resourceful for his private ventures.

In 2002, he opened Legendary Properties LLC, a residential development company. The company focused on the purchase, rehabilitation, and sale of single and multi-family properties. This endeavor allowed him to establish relations with people involved in the construction business. He was also able to develop relationships with many lending institutions that would later provide a stable means of capital.

In 2003, Todd Lubar founded Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. First Magnus Corporation is a privately held company. This affiliation with one of the largest financial corporation allowed Lubar to expand his business. The quick expansion was primarily because of the access to capital and business networks.

After 12 years in the industry, Todd noticed that there was a niche of underserved clients. Consequently, he formed Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC. Together with his funds, the institution supports a market of borrowers who would otherwise be overlooked by the traditional finance providers. Todd performed over 7000 transactions that gave him the required experience needed when making lending decisions. The decisions were also based on the market conditions

In 2007, the mortgage industries began to experience changes, and as a wise entrepreneur, Todd Lubar pivoted into another line of businesses. He ventured into the metal recycling and demolition industries. Additionally, he invested in the Nightlife entertainment industry. Todd lives in Bethesda, Maryland and is a father of two. For more info, see,

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Transplant of Stem Cells May Trigger Sustained Reduction of Multiple Sclerosis

The results from new clinical trials offer evidence that a high-dosage of immunosuppressive medication followed by replacement of an individual’s blood-making stem cell can trigger permanent remission of multiple sclerosis (MS), a severe autoimmune disease whereby the immune system fights the central nervous system. A half a decade after being treated with high-dose immunosuppressive therapy plus autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, 69 percent of clinical trial members did not experience any progression of disability, new brain lesions, or MS symptoms’ relapse. Several studies have established that the approved MS medications have minimal success rates.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) sponsored this clinical trial, which was carried out by the Immune Tolerance Network. The team of experienced researchers released three-year results of the trial in December 2014 and published the final five-year results in Neurology on February 1, 2017. Neurology is an established medical journal owned by the American Academy of Neurology. According to Anthony Fauci, the managing director of NIAID, HDIT/HCT treatment may be more efficient than the currently available therapies for individuals with a particular type of MS. The results show that most participants in the trial remained in stable conditions five years after receiving HDIT/HCT treatment.

About Dr. Shiva Gopal

Dr. Shiva Gopal is an accomplished neurologist based in Voorhees, NJ. He earned his medical degree from the Government Medical College back in 1979. Dr. Shiva has served as a physician for over four decades.

Currently, Dr. Shiva Gopal offers his medical services to the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates’ clients. He is also allied to the Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. He accepts several insurance programs such as Horizon Blue, Aetna, Medicare, and Cross Blue Shield. Dr. Shiva Gopal is fluent in English and Spanish.